Parenting Fails That Prove Some Parents Are Doing A Much Worse Job Than You


Looking after a child is not only hard work, it is long and relentless. Even the most cautious and careful of parents will make mistakes along their parenting journey until their kids leave home – and beyond. However, some parents are exceedingly relaxed leading them to make some quite shocking decisions to the point that they are guilty of committing some astonishing parenting fails. Here, you’ll find all types of parents and at the very least, we’ll show that despite the very best intentions, all parents fail sometimes. Kids are unpredictable, so we can never plan all our reactions to their behavior 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gaffer Taped

Kids are certainly two things: full of energy and expensive. Bouncer chairs are a great way to tire them out and keep them contained, but they’re not cheap to buy – even on the second hand market. This is obviously one desperate parent’s attempt to keep their child still and in one place simply by using some regular gaffer tape.

It probably would not be recommended to repeat – even with the helpful addition of the cuddly chicken to keep the little girl company as well as amused.

Chair Head

This poor boy must have been so bored at school that he had to revert to entertaining himself by sticking his head through a hole in his school chair. He evidently did not think the whole charade all the way through however and has got his head stuck when trying to pull his head back through. Cue the janitor or caretaker with his saw trying to cut the boy free from the chair.

He must have been nervous not to hurt the boy and lay himself open to a lawsuit.

Snake Child

There is relaxed parenting and then there is relaxed parenting like this. It is one thing to let your child pull on a dog’s fur or a cat’s ear, but letting your child lie with a huge snake, however recently it has been fed, must mean that the mother or father are exceedingly chilled with regards to its child’s safety.

The baby, in the parent’s defense does not look too bothered that a large serpent, that could strangle it with ease, is lying on top of it though.

Police Caution

Kids are notoriously hard to keep calm and well behaved. This child was obviously having a great time running about when she came face to face with some police caution tape. It makes for a great picture, but one has to wonder why on earth the parents were letting her play near a crime scene that was so serious it had to be cordoned off in this way.

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Naming Conventions

It is very hard to come up with a name for a child that suits it from birth to their adulthood. The decision between two parents is not to be taken lightly and can often take many a week or month. It is curious therefore that Jesus Condom’s parents did not come up with a name that was less in opposition to an already quirky last name.

The biblical nature of the name Jesus seems contradictory to the name Condom. The poor kid must have been bullied terribly at school.

Car Seat

One of the initial decisions to make when expecting a baby is what car seat to buy from the plethora of options on the market now. Car seats are required to take babies home from hospital, so they are needed even before the baby is born. What every parent is told when buying them is that they cannot be put in the front seat, unless the airbag is disabled.

Presumably this chap did not take heed of the inference that they therefore must be strapped into the back seat only.

Snake Charmer

How brave must this little boy be? Or simply naive to the fact that what he is doing is so very dangerous? His parents must be very confident in their snake’s behavior and what it will do, or not do, if someone was to hold onto its head like that.

This is probably something that no social service would ever recommend to the point that they would almost certainly discourage such attempts at creating a friendship between young children and huge snakes.

Head Case

This little girl or boy has obviously been using the furniture as a climbing frame and come off a little worse for wear because of it. The mother or father has been able to see the funny side of it though and taken a well timed photo when the child inevitably fell from jumping on the chair.

The parent had either hoped that by falling the child will learn a valuable lesson, or perhaps they were simply incredibly negligent and did not care what their kid was up to!

Lion Tamer

This child in this photo looks rightly a little nervous and scared. The lion – though tied up with a chain and apparently very dozy, is about 6 times the size of him with paws the size of the little one’s head.

This parenting fail must have taken place a few years ago as it is hard to imagine with all the health and safety regulations that are commonplace around the world now, that this could ever go on in this day and age.

Sorority Sisters

Whilst drinking culture amongst adults around the world can vary from country to country, it must be pretty standard that young children should not drink for their health and safety. This picture is funny at first but also quite scary given how pleased the girls are with themselves for partaking in some quite adult behavior – cheersing a beer with friends is obviously something that they would have learnt from their mother or father.

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Donald Duck

This picture looks quite innocent at first appearances – it’s simply a small girl with cute bunches riding a fairground or playground ride. On closer inspection, it has been incredibly poorly designed given that Donald Duck’s eyes are looking right down into the girl’s crotch, thus creating a very inappropriate picture!

It is made all the worse in this picture as the girl’s shorts are very very short, given Donald a full view of her underwear. She looks seemingly unaware however so hopefully was having a good time.

Smoker’s Corner

This picture is funny at first, but then turns quite worrying when you see some other clues to some gross parenting fails. The immediate thing that stands out is that this little girl has a cigarette in her mouth. Given the health dangers around cigarettes, we should be happy that it is, at least, not lit!.

However her hair looks matted and unkempt and her dress very dirty. Hopefully this image was simply taken at the end of the day when all children tend to look unclean.

Charlie’s Angels

Wherever you stand on people’s rights to bear arms, this picture must be a little worrying to even the most brazen supporter of guns.  These girls are all holding a weapon and are too young to understand the gravity of what they are doing. Their parents have normalized holding a gun and what a gun is capable of doing.

It is when you see shots like this that you can understand why stricter gun controls are never enacted – there are still a vast amount of people who don’t want them.


Mind Your Language

Joke T shirts are not just the territory of Dad’s trying to be cool – there are a whole host on offer for parents to dress their kids in too, as this picture so quickly demonstrates. That being said, this one, though funny, is particularly crass so this little baby’s parents must have been very brave to put their child in it without fear of offending onlookers or attracting disdain from passers-by.

All that being said, the T shirt probably speaks the truth.

The Lady and The Cat

Whilst the cat in this picture looks remarkably calm, it makes you wonder what happened just a split second after this shot was taken. Did the cat simply get put down gently by the little girl and then softly pad away? Or did the little girl drop the cat suddenly, shocking the cat into a bad mood?

Or even, did the cat scratch the girl demanding to be put down immediately? Either way, the parents must have been brave to let the little girl cuddle the cat so tightly.

Spring Break

Any attempts to play down the joys of drinking have been completely ignored by this little boy’s parents in this shot. Though funny, it is still somewhat disconcerting to see a youngster being seemingly encouraged to funnel a drink. We can only hope that he has been given a soft drink to down as opposed to the usual beer – or anything stronger that have spirits included.

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Sandwich Baby

Everyone loves a foot long. Not everyone loves a baby as the sandwich filling however. Not least the baby in this shot. He or she looks very young still with what is supposedly the father having a whale of a time setting up this photograph.

It is obviously a joke image and it is funny especially when you consider that the baby was probably not particularly pliable in helping set the shot up in the first place. The mother and father managed to get the shot in the end though.

Plastic Bag Baby

There seems to be a few dangers that 99% of kids are taught from quite early on – look both ways when crossing the road, don’t talk to strangers and don’t put a plastic bag on your head. The last rule seems to have escaped the child in this image however, as well as the child’s mother or carer who seems to be blindly continuing on her shopping in the grocery store.

Let’s hope that just seconds after this picture was taken, the mother removed the bag from the child’s head.

A Room With A View

Babies and all the accoutrements that they now come with mean that for someone so small, they seem to take up a lot of space in any home – big or small. Still, this is perhaps going a little overboard in a way to save space in an apartment where one is raising a baby.

The parents of this child must not have any fear that the cage will fall off the side of the building and hit the ground which looks to be many many floors down.

Paper or Plastic?

The grocery store can be a stressful time for any parent. The need to buy all the food that is needed for the household for the week before a child throws a tantrum is a difficult balance to find. This parent seems to have overcome that however by using their child as a pseudo Buckaroo toy whilst going up and down the aisles.

The poor child must be incredibly uncomfortable with items loaded on top of him or her – especially ones that will be cold too like the orange juice.


Brotherly Love

Everyone loves a pot roast, though it is hard to believe that anyone would like a pot roast baby – sibling rivalry or not. To give the benefit of the doubt of the parent taking this photo, let’s hope they are simply trying to get the elder child interested in both cooking as well as loving their younger brother or sister.

Let’s also hope that the parent is ready to catch either of the children that is likely to fall from the chair or the cooker top at any moment!

Feeding Time

Racoons are meant to be quite violent animals, so it is surprising that the parent of this little boy seems so blasé about lowering his son down into the animal enclosure at the zoo. Whilst the racoons may be a bit tamer given their daily close proximity to humans, it is still a huge risk to take – especially given that he could slip and fall completely into the enclosure with the animals themselves.

Let’s hope that some responsible zookeepers or adults asked the dad to pull the child up pronto.

The End Of One’s Tether

Children have a way of pressing their parents buttons in a way no other person on the planet can. They can do so from a very young age and so you can only assume that this mother has reached her wit’s end with her little girl in this picture.

She had probably intended to take her daughter for an idyllic day at the park, but in reality, the little girl threw tantrums resulting in the mother only being able to put her back in her pram in this unorthodox fashion.

Here Have My Lighter

They say kids are like sponges, soaking up what their parents do, ready to copy them at any given moment. That must be what is happening in this image with the two little children mimicking adult’s actions by smoking and one of them offering to light the other’s cigarettes in a worryingly accurate manner.

More worrying is that a parent or adult did not stop these actions immediately but thought it better to stop and take a photo of it happening. Click on to reveal yet more parenting fails.

Caged Animals

Babies and children love to investigate everything – even items that seem rather boring to us as adults. We’ve all seen the classic image of a baby exploring the insides of a washing machine. This baby obviously went one further and crawled into their dog’s crate to see what was going on in there, only to be shut in by a responsible adult.

At least the crate looks like it belongs to a big dog. Let’s hope he was released soon after the photo was taken.

Segway Time

Having a baby is a tiring activity given their unpredictable sleeping patterns and constant need for attention. Any shortcuts that can be taken are therefore often encouraged by stressed out mothers and fathers. This, however, does seem to be taking conserving much needed energy a little far.

Plus, it could be quite dangerous too given that the mother could fall off the Segway leaving her child in the middle of the road without any protection. Surprised?

I Don’t Smoke The Reefer

Children learn so much from their parents, making many mothers and fathers very aware of their every move and how it can affect their child. This little girl is witnessing her father smoking one of the largest joints that must ever have been rolled. She will also be inhaling his smoke that he is creating which must be incredibly bad for her lungs and overall health.

Let’s hope that she doesn’t like the smell of it and never copies her dad’s actions in this picture.

Personalized Hot Tub

Every mother has uttered the words “you’re so cute I could eat you” to their baby, but this is perhaps taking that sentiment a little too far. Still, it’s amazing to think, however tiny the baby was when he or she was born, that this family has a saucepan big enough for him to sit comfortably in. It brings new meaning to the words baby food.

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There’s Always One

At first, this image just looks like a normal shot of a big family. The mother and father look so proud of their brood, especially with what are the latest addition of twins. And then you pan to the long haired Axl Rose lookalike on the right whose whole look and demeanor is at odds with the rest of the people in their family.

You can just imagine the arguments that were had between the lookalike and his parents before the picture was taken!

Chaps Away

The dad of this little boy was probably living up the last time that he could get away with wearing an embarrassing outfit alongside his son. That being said, it is not the most appropriate outfit to wear when minding a child. It is more fitting for a night on the tiles or as a stripper. Hopefully the outfit is a bit more demure from the front for the kid’s sake.

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Dog Friendly

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they are still a bit of an unknown, however well trained they are. Different breeds have different characteristics so let’s hope that this huge breed of dog is typically chilled as well as protective over its wards. This baby is looking up at her pet with love, but that does not mean she won’t tug on his tail or any other part of him to make him snap.

Given his size, it’s hard to imagine that he would be gentle either…

Care Bear Stare

Care bears were a lovable toy and range of bears from the 80s. Their bright colors lend themselves well to the kid’s toy market when the original cartoon was created. The parents of this little baby must have had a field day when they saw a life size fancy dress costume that they could still manage to get their offspring into.

Probably a photo that the child will hate when he grows up! Funny hey? More parenting fails are revealed by clicking next…

Glass Photo

This picture takes a while to shock, but as soon as you notice that the girl’s pretty face has been somewhat altered having pressed her face up against the glass, the next reaction is to recoil a little. It’s unfortunate for the little girl who otherwise looks like a very sweet looking little thing – especially as she is dressed up so prettily in a dainty little pink dress.

Her parents must have been having a laugh at her expense – probably something she will hold against them later on in life!


Bumble Baby

Whilst this picture is obviously of a little baby loved enough that its parents wanted a staged picture of him or her, the overall finish of it has resulted in quite the parenting fail. The little baby looks like he or she is about to be sick into the wine bucket in front of him or her.

Given that the baby is situated in front of vines, the parents have chosen a scene that has some alcoholic influences, which seems at odds with having a small baby pictured in it.

The Dad Dress Code

Every dad loves a comedy T shirt, but they should be used and worn with caution as this gentleman performing quite the parenting fail has overlooked. His T shirt is explicit to say the very least and whilst children may not understand it at first, it does lay any parent or adult open to the questions that children so often ask when they don’t understand something.

It would make for a very awkward conversation between parent and child!