Hilarious X-Rays That Cannot Be Real, But Are


Dinner Is Served

Hunger can get the better of us all of us. Seriously there is a reason as to why people have proclaimed the term ‘hangry’. A 52-year-old woman from the Netherlands, Margaret Daalman appeared in the hospital one day stating she was suffering from a stomach ache. It seemed that every time she sat down at the dinner table she would ignore her meal and dig into the cutlery set ingesting an entire 78 piece set. Can’t believe your eyes? Prepare yourself because we have more.

To Infinity and Beyond

Look, we loved the film Toy Story as much as the next person, but this is just taking it too far. Swallowing objects might be something that happens on the odd occasion, but we just cannot handle the size of this toy! It’s huge when you compare it to the rest of this person’s (very likely a little person’s body). Clearly, this child should not be having any unsupervised play time. Looks like Buzz was just on his way out anyway.

Nailed It!

Sorry, but we had to. A construction worker was nailed six times in the head by accident with help of a high powered nail gun. Isidro Mejia had a total of 19 nails stuck in his scalp, face and neck when he fell from a rooftop onto his co-worker using the gun. Although doctors didn’t have much hope he’d survive, Mejia pulled through, “he thought he was going to die. He was happy when he opened his eyes, and he saw that he’s still with us,” a friend shared.

Open and Shut Case

You would be lying if you said that going under the knife didn’t scare you and it’s a given you go through a healing process, but 18 months is just too long. Imagine Pat Skinner’s surprise when they found operating scissors almost 7 inches long in her body. “The pain went for a while and then I started to get pains back again, a different type of pain. We were going over a bump in the car and I’d be screaming,” said Pat.

A Magnetic Force

An eight year old girl in Indiana by the name of Maggie Rodriguez managed to swallow 30 magnets and steel balls which came from a toy she was playing with. She was rushed to the hospital where she had emergency surgery to save her life from what doctors described as eight gunshot or stab-like wounds in her intestines. Her father said that he had no idea how this happened and that his daughter “gets A’s and B’s, and we taught her not to do stuff like this.”

A Needle in a Haystack

When Luo Cuifen found blood in her urine she realized something was very wrong and decided to visit her local GP. The thirty one year old Chinese woman was the second granddaughter in her family which meant that having a boy was no longer an option. It is heavily suspected that this is the reason behind her having all of these sewing needles inside her which were embedded into her vital organs including her liver, lungs and kidneys. Appalled? There are more shocking stories on the way!

The Pointless Pencil

A 59 year old German woman had surgery to remove a pencil that became lodged into her head 55 years after it happened. It happened to her by accident and since then she has suffered from nosebleeds and headaches caused by the mishap. “I remember tripping over and the pencil I was holding disappeared. I had a pain in my head. The pencil, it seems, went right through my skin – and bored straight into my skull,” Wegner said.

A Winner in Any Regard

Well, this looks like a game of pool went very wrong for someone. Not sure how in the world you swallow a billiard ball, but we are guessing this is a dare gone wrong. It is possible that an individual was dared to try and fit the whole ball in their mouth only for it to become lodged in their throat and later swallowed. Back in 2015 there was a case of a black lab who also swallowed a billiard and was lucky to make it out alive.

Soldier On

When you go off to war you have to know the risks you’re taking and that your chances of survival are lessened than had you stayed home. In the Iraqi capital of Baghdad Sgt. Dan Powers was patrolling the streets when he got stabbed in the head by a nine inch blade. He seemed to take it on the chin recalling, “They said, ‘You got a knife in your head,’ and I kind of looked up and I was like, so I do.”

Hitting the Nail on the Head

When construction worker Patrick Lawler was on the job he had a minor accident when a nail shot out of his nail gun, hitting a plank of wood behind him. What he didn’t realize is that a second nail also shot out, going through his mouth and lodging itself into his face. He thought he just had a toothache and spend the next few days eating only ice cream. He was finally taken to hospital and had a four hour surgery which saved him.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

Well we know smoking cigarettes is bad for you, but this is just taking it to another level. Not only do their do damage to our lungs, dull our senses of taste and smell as well as lowering our immune systems they can also get wedged in our heads. We cannot find an explanation for this story at all so we are just going to assume that someone was very creative with their x-ray, leaving the cigarette behind their ear as they were scanned.

Dental Issues

A trip to the dentist’s office is never considered to be a good time, especially for children, but this 4 year old Indian boy got more than he bargained for when he went to get a root canal done. During the procedure he suddenly moved his head and swallowed a small, but sharp dental instrument. Doctors waited to see whether it would pass through his system, and sure enough 41 hours later it did. Want to see more? Stick with us for more crazy x-rays.

The Bobby Pin

Of all the items to get lodged into your system, you would think a bobby pin would not be as dangerous as some of the ones we have covered. You would be wrong. Back in 2015 a four year old Saudi Arabian boy managed to swallow a bobby pin and a few months later went for a general doctor’s checkup. When they x-rayed him, they found that the bobby pin had rusted and become sharp. It had to be surgically removed, but the boy recovered just fine

A Light-Bulb Moment

When a 15 month year old baby girl was rushed to the ER in Hong Kong doctors did a quick x-ray on her to find out what was the matter. Although they first thought she had swallowed her grandmother’s hairpin, when they inserted a scope into her nose they found a different story altogether. She had actually swallowed a LED bulb which got lodged in her windpipe, making it hard for her to breathe. They had to remove it in pieces so as to not damage her windpipe.

The Doctor’s Wife

Being the wife of a GP, you think you’d avoid such situations, but no. A 76 year old woman reported severe weight loss and diarrhea and after scoping it out doctors found out what happened. “She recalled unintentionally swallowing a pen 25 years earlier. While she was interrogating a spot on her tonsil with the pen she slipped, fell and swallowed the pen by mistake. Her husband and general practitioner dismissed her story, and plain abdominal films done at the time were reported as normal.”

Spinning Out Of Control

Well, we should have seen this one coming. Fidget spinners are probably the biggest craze to hit children since Tamagotchis were the latest trend on the market. With so many kids spinning them it was just a matter of time before someone got hurt. Apparently a 10 year old from Texas decided hers looked tasty, accidentally swallowing it. In actual fact she put it in her mouth to clean it but ended up swallowing it instead. She had surgery to get it removed.

Baby You Light My Fire

A Croatian person was found to have ingested a lighter when being questioned by police in regard to drug smuggling. Not sure what this would have achieved, but it was stuck there for 17 months before doctors removed it. Reportedly the lighter was wrapped in cellophane so the individual did not get exposed to any chemicals from the lighter fluid. Well props to them for thinking in advance, even though it was extremely dangerous. But wait. There are more crazy stories to come!

An Emergency Call to the Hospital

We think this is not the most efficient way to make a phone call, but this 29 year old Irish prisoner sure did it his own way. Maybe he didn’t like the fact that he could only make one call? Whatever the reason he was rushed to hospital and after x-raying him it turns out the only option the doctors had was to surgically remove the cellphone after it wouldn’t pass through his system naturally.

SpongeBob Squarepants

It’s terrible to have a giggle at this x-ray, but after the multitude of images we have seen today this one truly makes us smile on the inside (and the outside). Going for a scan showed that a 16 month old child had swallowed a SpongeBob Squarepants pendant that belonged to his sister. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t ask if you can borrow something. We kid, but all turned out well and doctors were able to remove the pendant without issues.

Squeaky Clean

There is brushing your teeth and then there is vigorously brushing your teeth to the point of swallowing your toothbrush. All joking aside, an eighteen year old female rushed to the doctors because she had swallowed her toothbrush when she tried to induce vomiting. Doctors managed to remove the toothbrush and she was free to leave the hospital just six hours later. We bet she never thought to use it for the wrong reasons again. It does make for a funny story though.

A Dazzling Diamond Siege

A Chicago man tried to get away with the perfect crime by swallowing a diamond ring after stealing it. Wilfredo Gonzalez was working on re-modeling a home, when he asked to use the bathroom. Later it was found he had ingested the $1,600 ring. “We were glad we were able to get the ring back for the woman. It was her wedding ring, was pretty large and it was important to them,” the policeman in charge said.

She Said Gulp!

From a man that swallowed a diamond ring in order to steal it, we go to a woman who swallowed her own engagement ring by accident and it’s a bit of a mystery. Until now. Taking his girlfriend for the most memorable milkshake of her life, Harris never thought his other half would actually ingest the engagement ring he wanted to propose to her with. He challenged her to drink her favorite milkshake as fast as possible, and she did, spooning the ring down the hatch too!

You’re Screwed Lance Armstrong

When one of the biggest Tour de-France champions in the world, Lance Armstrong injured his collarbone, doctors found that his bones were greatly dislocated and because of this orthopedic surgeons had to screw him back together with 12 inch screws. Ouch! We can’t even bear to think about that. The collar bone itself was broken in four different places and it took a three hour surgery for them to put Armstrong together again. Thankfully he is fine to ride now.

A Record Blow to the Skull

If you’re wondering who holds the record for the biggest object to have removed from their head, that award goes to Michael Hill. Back in 1998 he was stabbed in the head with an 8 inch knife and remarkably he managed to survive the attack. He did not go unscathed though because although he survived both the attack and the surgery removing the knife, he suffered from memory loss and seizures as well. Ouch!

Spearfishing Gone Wrong

A lot of us love to take time out with our loved ones and some of the best trips including being one with nature. This person wanted to impress friends by spearfishing and catching something to eat for the evening’s dinner. He caught a lot more than he bargained for when instead of aiming for a fish, the spear was aimed at a rock. It shot straight back to him and became embedded into his skull. Not fun.

Coughing Up Trouble

We all get up to some sort of trouble in our lives, but not remembering that you have a nail lodged in your face is something else. When 72 year old Prax Sanchez went for an MRI scan, doctors asked him whether he’d had any previous medical procedures that resulted in him having metal beneath his eye. A short while later the magnetic force from the scan made him cough up the nail. It is said the nail had been in his nasal cavity for over 30 years.

Combing for the Truth

When you work as a prison guard you know there are risks involved with the job, but you do it anyway. In Manhattan, Louis Pepe was transporting a prisoner back to his cell when he got attacked. “They wanted the keys for the other prisoners, but they couldn’t find them. They used a comb — thick and long, about 10 inches, with a handle. They’d taken the teeth out and sharpened it like a knife. They put it in my left eye. It went three inches into my brain.”

A Helping Hand

When a friend offers to help you build your house, you are generally grateful for their kindness, but sometimes things can turn deadly even when people have the best of intentions. Taking it one day at a time was what these two friends did, until one managed to lodge a nail in the homeowner’s skull. We hope they had some sort of insurance or something because this looks beyond painful. Bet they are never accepting a favor again!

A European Pub Brawl

We bet this guy wished he’d stayed home that night instead of opting to go out with his friends. Going out on the town for a drink of two with his buddies turned into a pub brawl in Serbia one evening and miraculously the man aged in his forties made a complete recovery. The astonishing thing is that a metal chair leg speared 4.3 inches into his brain. Dr Pavel Rudenko said, “We removed the metal body from the patient’s head without complications.”

Target On Point

Archery may seem like a fun pastime, but it is definitely no joking matter. One child in China was rushed to the hospital after it had been shot in the head with a bow and arrow. The frightful thing is that the arrow pierced through its eye socket and went all the way through to the back of his skull. Don’t think he made it out alive? As they say, kids are resilient, and he managed to escape with his life.

A Slight Mistake

Don’t you hate it when you cannot find a toothpick or floss anywhere and half the contents of your lunch can be found in your mouth? Apparently in China one man couldn’t get his hands on a toothpick so he decided to use scissors instead. As you can imagine this was a terrible mistake. His friend was halfway through telling a joke and just as they got to the punchline the scissors were swallowed from the man laughing so hard. Truly genius.

Making Light of a Situation

There can be times when you have forgotten something happening to you, but forgetting that you swallowed a light bulb? Really? Apparently, that is just what happened to this Pakistani prisoner. He came to doctors with an upset stomach and was unable to answer as to how he managed to ingest a light bulb in the first place. In fact, he seemed to be just as baffled as everyone else. Surprised? Stick around for more!

Drill Through The Head

Working in construction can be a dangerous task, but even Ron Hunt foresee this happening. In 2013 he was mounted on a 6 foot ladder and after taking a fall his skull was impaled onto a drill 18 inches long. Doctors decided the best way to take it out was to unscrew it, saying, “We had to either cut down on it, which meant making a rather long incision through a lot of muscle, or just unscrew it – twist it all the way through and out.”

A Lovers Quarrel

A woman from China got into a fight with her boyfriend whilst on a trip in Europe and in protest decided to ingest some cobblestones. Twenty of them to be exact. The Chinese woman thought that the stones would come out through the other side, but when this did not happen she got worried. The worst part was that she would hear them knock and cluck around inside of her, causing her some discomfort. Way to take your fight to the next level.