This Is What Will Happen When The Queen Passes


Queen Elizabeth II is a name that most of us have grown to know around the world. She is the longest reigning British monarch thanks to her 66 years on the throne so far and has grown to become a massive part of people’s lives all around the world. So why do we love her so much? Britain just wouldn’t be the same without the leading lady at the helm. In fact, all her hard work means Elizabeth will leave behind quite the legacy. But the Queen is not getting any younger, and the the whole realm has been preparing for the moment she departs for quite a while now. Here’s a list of things that will happen when the Queen dies.

The Queen Returns to Buckingham

No matter where she is, Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be brought back to Buckingham Palace if she passes away. However, chances are she won’t be at home as the Queen spends a quarter of her time in her Scottish castle, Balmoral. If she is here when she passes away, her body will travel by train until it’s placed in the throne room of Buckingham Palace. This will then become the first of her many resting places.

Buckingham Palace surrounded by red flowers, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a navy blue outfit and matching hat

It Will Be The Largest Funeral

You might have thought that Princess Diana had one of the biggest funerals in the world, but that will be nothing when something happens to Queen Elizabeth II. It’s believed that government officials from all around the world to fill the 2,000-person guest list, while thousands of members of the armed forces will line the streets in case of an attack. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s thought thousands will gather on the streets to say “goodbye.”

Procession of the hearse and car at Princess Diana’s funeral on September 6, 1997, with two billion people watching around the world

Charles Will Have His Hands Kissed

This might sound like a strange one, but as soon as Queen Elizabeth II passes away, all of Charles’s siblings will gather to kiss their brother’s hands. Don’t worry, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew haven’t gone mad. In fact, it’s said that kissing the hands of the next king or queen is a sign to show you pledge your allegiance and will be loyal to your new ruler. Hopefully, they’ll be clean!

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip on the couch with Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward behind

The Private Secretary Calls The Prime Minister

For ten years, Sir Christopher Geidt was Queen Elizabeth’s official private secretary. However, back in August 2017, this royal worker decided to stand down and hand over his job to his successor, Edward Young. Although he has only been at the Queen’s side for a year, Edward will have already been fully trained how to make the call to the prime minister of the UK with the news that the Queen has passed away.

Everyone Must Use A Code Word

Over the years, the Royals have all had their own codes when it comes to their funerals and passing. In fact, when the Queen’s father, George VI, passed away, everyone uttered “Hyde Park Corner” to spread the news. So when Edward Young makes the call to the prime minister, he must use the phrase “London Bridge is down.” That’s not all. All the civil servants must continue to use the phrase during the initial hours after her passing.

All Other States Lead By The Queen Hear The News

The Queen is the head of 15 countries, including New Zealand, Australia, and Jamaica, as well as 36 nations in the Commonwealth. As she is such a prominent figure in so many countries across the world, it’s vital they all learn the news as soon as possible. This is where the Foreign Office’s Global Response Center steps in as they notify all the countries in the list that the Queen has passed away.

Queen Elizabeth II waving to the crowd while wearing a blue floral outfit with a matching blue hat finished with flowers

Government Officials Will Wear Black Armbands

Black is a color that is often associated with funerals, but this color will become a predominant feature as soon as the Queen passes away. Any official in the UK government will be seen wearing a black armband on their left arm that measures at three and a quarter inches wide. This is to show their united front as the nation prepares for national mourning, as well as a sign of respect to the fallen ruler.

A person wearing a white shirt with a black armband around their left arm, and Queen Elizabeth II smiling

The Thrones In The House Of Lords Will Be Replaced

At the moment, there are two thrones found in the House of Lords – one for Queen Elizabeth II, and the other for her husband, Prince Philip. However, as soon as the Queen passes away, these thrones will be removed. In their place will be a single chair with a cushion featuring the outline of a crown. Parliament will also be recalled and sit within the first few hours of the Queen’s parting.

The Palace Website Will Go Black

The Palace website is filled with news of the Royals, including announcements, their visits, and all about the Commonwealth. However, that will all change the day Queen Elizabeth II passes away. Rather than the colorful text we currently see, it’s thought that the pages of the site will be temporarily shut down while the homepage will feature a single block of text on a dark background. This will be the same announcement pinned to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by Prince William and Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Harry, and Prince Philip on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

The BBC Will Ring An Alarm

Back during the Cold War, the BBC fitted an alarm system they could use to warn anyone about incoming attacks. Although the tension from the war came to an end thirty years ago, the alarm system still remains. When the Queen passes away, the BBC will ring the alarm bells to announce the news. This all happens as soon as the BBC learns the news themselves, and takes place before any news stories are broadcast.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing her glasses and pink coat with a matching hat as she laughs

The Networks Know What They Will Say

Networks all around the world have already prepared for many things, such as incoming attacks, world events, and natural disasters. However, another aspect that networks in the UK have prepared themselves for is the passing of their queen. It’s thought they have practiced how they will announce the news, as well as writing scripts for news readers, and having rehearsals for the programs should anything happen. They really do want to be the first to cover the story!

Queen Elizabeth II wearing a matching bright blue jacket and hat with flowers as she waves to the crowd with Prince Philip

All Coverage Will Stop

It’s not just news networks that know how they will handle the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, all other networks and radio stations have a plan for the day the news is announced. TV channels will switch to a news channel broadcasting on the story, while radio stations have a different idea. Radio DJs have a “Mood 1” track (a set of songs they can play whenever there is a sudden nationwide mourning) before they switch to a news station.

A BBC radio DJ wearing headphones in front of a microphone at the decks, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a yellow outfit

Newsreaders Will Wear Black Suits

Any newsreader covering the story will be spotted in a black suit and tie to mark their respect for the fallen queen. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s said that many networks have these outfits on standby should they need them in an emergency. They aren’t the only ones prepared for a sudden passing either as the Royal Family always travels with a special black outfit in case of an unexpected funeral while they are away from home.

A BBC newsreader wearing a black suit and dark purple tie, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a floral top and pearls

The World Will Hear A Specific Sentence

Much like the code words used within the government, the world has a special sentence to listen out for: “This is the BBC from London.” Any Radio 4 or Radio 5 listeners are said to hear these words first as they are supposed to announce a national emergency. However, it’s likely that most other radio listeners will also hear the utterance as stations tune in from all around the world to listen to all the latest news.

The Reports Have Been Practised

That’s right. All the reports have been written and re-written to make sure they are as perfect as possible for the day the Queen passes on. Of course, there is space for the specifics that won’t be known until it all happens. But there is more to it than that. One new producer admits they have all been given a thick manual full of rules and regulations on how they should behave and what they should say on the day.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing one of her crowns and matching necklaces walking with Prince Philip dressed in a suit and bow tie

The Mourning Period Is Covered

It’s not just the day of the event that has been planned within an inch of its life. No, the entire mourning period has been scripted out across all the networks. Queen Elizabeth II has managed to touch so many lives over the years; there are going to be millions of tears shed following the news she has passed on. Therefore networks have a pre-planned program of shows they will broadcast during this time to be as sensitive as possible.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing a matching purple floral outfit and hat with a pair of dark, round sunglasses

There’ll Be No Comedies Or Political Satire

Many networks regularly show comedies as part of their daily lineup. It can’t be doom and gloom all the time, can it? Well, that is until the Queen passes away. Many networks have plans to cancel any comedy shows or anything containing political satire during the mourning period. As if that wasn’t enough, the BBC will stop any of these shows for 12 days after her passing to help the nation mourn the loss of their queen.

Queen Elizabeth II smiling off to one side wearing a sea blue matching jacket and floral hat with a brooch

Programs Will Be More Sensitive

At the moment, you can turn on the TV to just about any kind of show you can imagine. Comedies, horrors, and dramas are on nearly every channel – we really are spoiled for choice. However, this won’t be the case the day Queen Elizabeth II passes away. In fact, networks everywhere will alter their programming to fit with the mood of the nation. This means shows will be much more sensitive than they might usually be.

There Will Be 12 Days Of Mourning

Yes, you read that correctly. All around the world, days have been announced as days of mourning following tragic events or the passing of an important figure in that country. However, it seems as though one day just isn’t enough for Queen Elizabeth II. Instead, there are twelve days planned out for the nation to mourn and pay their respects. This will officially come to an end on the twelfth day after the Queen’s passing.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing her glasses next to Prince Philip wearing a bearskin hat in the back of a carriage

There Will Be A New D-Day

D-Day often refers to the day many countries from all around the world invaded the beaches of Normandy, France to gain back control from German soldiers during World War II. However, as soon as the news breaks that Queen Elizabeth II has passed on, there will be a new D-Day. This will be the new code and mark the beginning of the period of mourning. Everything in the process from now on will refer back to D-Day.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing one of her crowns with a silver jeweled outfit and a fur shrug on her shoulders

Flags Will Be Lowered

Like most countries all around the world, many of the important buildings in the UK are covered with various flags, including the Union Jack. The Royals broke tradition for the first time when Princess Diana passed away as they flew the national flag at half-mast for the first time. However, there are plans for flags on every building to be lowered to half-mast all across the country in the event that something happens to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Union Jack lowered to half-mast for the first time to commemorate the late Princess Diana in 1997

Everyone Shall Gather In London

As the Queen’s body will be immediately transported back to her home in London, everyone will use this as a chance to travel to the capital to mourn. Of course, Buckingham Palace will be filled with various family members from all around the world. However, they won’t be alone. No, important people not only from the UK but all around the world will travel to London as they pay their respects and prepare for the upcoming funeral.

The official photo of Prince George’s christening back in 2013 with Kate Middleton holding her son while sat next to Queen Elizabeth II

There Will Be 10,000 Tickets

No, we aren’t suggesting the Royal Family will sell tickets to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Although, it could be a way to make some extra cash. These tickets are, in fact, for the official proclamation of the new King. The Queen’s passing will mean there is an open spot on the throne that needs to be filled immediately, but you can’t have a coronation without guests, can you? These lucky individuals will soon get their tickets in the mail.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, one year after the death of her father, King George VI

Prince Charles Will Become King

We’re pretty sure by now he just can’t wait to be king. Thankfully for Prince Charles, the Queen announced her son as the next heir to the throne back in April 2018. That is if he doesn’t decide to abdicate his place and pass it onto Prince William instead. However, after waiting his turn for so long, we can’t see this happening. All that needs to happen is for the accession council to meet and declare the new king.

There Will Be A Ceremony For The New King

Announcing any new royal is always a significant event. After all, the next in line to the throne is announced immediately as there must always be someone ruling the country. The quick turnaround is exciting for the new royal while also being a time of tragedy as it means someone has passed away. Prince Charles will be greeted with rituals such as a four-country tour, trumpets, and seven minutes of gunfire during the ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing a purple coat with a matching hat sat next to Prince Charles laughing in a tweed suit


There Could Be A New Queen

The Charles and Camilla relationship was one that rocked the world. Thankfully, many have now gone on to accept Camilla as part of the Royal Family. However, it looks as though she could be about to rock the boat once again when Prince Charles makes it to the throne. Although it was always thought she would take the title of Princess Consort, rumors have now emerged that Camilla could be announced as Queen if Charles has his way.

Prince Charles wearing a suit and bow tie standing with his wife, Camilla, wearing a white and gold gown

The Queen’s Coffin Will Move To Westminster

After lying in the throne room for four days, the Queen’s coffin will be moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. It’s thought the whole parade will be led by the military and might even feature the Queen’s corgis. The roads of the route will be able to hold up to half a million people, but the city plans on using the same crowd control they had in place for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The arches of Westminster Hall filled with people, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a mint green lace outfit and hat

People Can Pay Their Respects In Person

Many of us never get the chance to meet a member of the Royal Family, but after the Queen’s passing, you could get the chance to see her in real life. Queen Elizabeth’s body will lie in Westminster Hall for four days where mourners can visit for 23 hours a day. It’s thought over half a million may turn up to say “goodbye” to the Queen while her children and guards stand watch over the proceedings.

The Queen’s Mother’s coffin surrounded by guards as it lies in state at Westminster Hall for people to mourn

Everything Will Stop For The Funeral

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is not one that will be planned at the last minute. Oh no, it’s said the Queen herself has been planning parts of her own passing throughout her life. One part of the plan is to see the nation grind to a halt throughout the day of the funeral. The whole event will be broadcast on TV for everyone to see. Plus, all the shops will shut their doors for the day.

Queen Elizabeth II wearing a gold gown with a jeweled necklace and one of her many crowns

It Will Be A Day Of Mourning

It’s not only the Queen’s close friends and family that want to be there to say “goodbye” to their loved one, but there are also millions of people all around the world that will be lining up to offer their condolences. As Queen Elizabeth is such a huge figure in the UK, her funeral will be announced as a national holiday. That’s not all. It will remain as a permanent national holiday to remember the longest ruling monarch to date.

Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew wearing black outfits as they attend a funeral

The Stock Market Will Close

The stock market is always going up and down. In fact, trying to keep up with all those numbers is enough to leave our head in a spin. However, the passing of Queen Elizabeth could give us a break from the stock market altogether. It’s thought that the market will close the day she passes away and could remain shut during the 12 days of mourning. This is a brave move as the closure could cost the country billions.

A photo from a packed-out London stock market, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a gold lace gown, white gloves, and her crown

Stadiums Will Show The Funeral

Although there are millions of people that will want to attend the Queen’s funeral, there simply isn’t room for them all. In fact, only 2,000 people will be able to make it in person. So what happens to the others? Well, if they want the support of others rather than watching it broadcast at home on the TV, then they will be able to join forces at soccer stadiums that will open their doors for the event.

West Ham football stadium filled with fans, and Queen Elizabeth II smiling while wearing a lavender dress and matching hat

The Jewels Will Be Polished

As the Queen lies at Westminster Hall, mourners will be able to see the crown jewels that line the glass lid of the coffin. Unfortunately, all that time in the open means the gems could be looking past their best by the day of the funeral. Of course, everything needs to be perfect for the Queen’s final exit. Specialists will be enlisted to carefully remove the jewels to give them a full polish before the start of the ceremony.

The Queen’s Mother’s coffin as it is led through London by the guards with her crown on a purple pillow on top of the coffin

The UK Will Fall Silent

The nation will fall silent as Queen Elizabeth’s body takes its final journey through the streets of London at 11am on the day of her funeral. No matter where anyone is on the day of the funeral, it’s believed that everyone should stop what they are doing, turn off everything, and take a moment to reflect on Queen Elizabeth and her incredible life. The only noise in the country will be from the carriage carrying her coffin through the crowds.

A nearly empty street outside of Buckingham Palace, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a red and gold ballgown

All Vehicles Will Stop

When we say there won’t be any noise in the country, we weren’t joking. No, all the vehicles in the country will grind to a halt as they pay their respects for the fallen monarch. All the trains will stop on the tracks no matter where they are, while drivers will pull their vehicles over to the side of the road, and busses will pull up so their drivers can stand next to their cars to pay their respects.

Red London bus on a side road in the city, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a light blue jacket and matching hat

The Queen Will Head Back To Windsor

As soon as the ceremony at Westminster Abbey is over, it’s thought the Queen’s coffin will be loaded back onto the green gun carriage that once carried the coffin of her father back in 1952 before being taken through the crowd of thousands of mourners. She will then be transferred to a hearse for the final 23 miles of the journey back to Windsor Castle where she will find her final resting place.

King George VI’s coffin with his crown on a gun carriage at his funeral on February 15, 1952

The Queen Will Enter The Royal Vault

You know you’ve made it in the world when your body gets placed into a vault. The Queen is no exception. Although the final stage of the funeral is reserved for family, we know Queen Elizabeth will end up in the Royal Vault alongside the likes of Princess Augusta, King George II, and Princess Mary Adelaide. Here, Prince Charles will use a silver bowl to drop red earth onto the casket as it descends.

A photo from inside the Royal Vault at Windsor Castle, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a blue and orange outfit with matching hat

The Queen Will Always Return To London

No matter where she is in the world, the Queen will always return to London if she passes away. Not even a trip abroad can stop her from coming home. If the Queen is in Scotland, then a special Scottish ritual is performed before her coffin is sent by train to London. If this were the case, it’s thought another train would have to follow to clear up all the flowers thrown onto the track.

There’s A Special Jet

There is a chance that the Queen might be outside of the UK when she passes away. However, the Queen has every option covered just in case. The Royals have a jet from the Number 32 Squadron in the Royal Air Force waiting on standby in case of an unexpected passing. The BAE 146 will be loaded up with an emergency coffin kept ready and waiting at the Leverton and Sons undertakers before flying back to London.

The royal jet flying through the air, and Queen Elizabeth II wearing a bright orange jacket and matching hat

British Business Will Be Affected

When the Queen passes the city of London and England will mourn and this will affect the business of the United Kingdom. The stock exchange will close it’s doors for work and will mourn the death of the Royal and also many different banks in the UK will close as well. This day when it comes will affect almost all aspects of every day life for British citizens. A sad day and far from normal for the UK. The economy of the UK will take on billions for this loss.

A New Era, A New Anthem

If Prince Charles will become King after his mother’s passing he has the option to change his name. He can become King Charles, King Arthur, or pretty much anything he wants. He has the decision to be called what he likes. The national anthem will also be changed. For now it has the very familiar word’s- “God Save The Queen”, but it will change to “God Save The King”. The British people will have to get used to singing that.

Family Only

The dedicated staff of the Royal family at Buckingham Palace will be asked to leave or not come to work in the case of the Queen’s passing. Employee’s who are relevant to the taking care of the specific situation will stay but most will be asked to leave. The family will gather to mourn together. The employees will be notified through a special royal hotline they are part of, and each knows their part.

The King Meets His People

While the Queen’s body will lie in London and after Prince Charles will take on his new duties as King he will be obligated to traveled around the United Kingdom to meet his people. Although a formal coronation will only take place a few months after the passing of her majesty. In this case Charles will have to go to Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as the other parts of the England mainland.

Parliament Does Their Part

The Queen is of course also head of the state in the UK so the government has a significant part when the time comes for her to pass on. After she passes and a new King is appointed this being Prince Charles he will become head of state and parliament will have to show their agreement to the situation. Aside from gathering to mourn and help the Royal family they will also have to “swear allegiance” to the new monarch, Prince Charles.

The Cameras Will Have Boundaries

Of course the funeral will be broadcasted all over the world and everyone will want to see what goes on and how everyone is reacting. But Royal protocol doesn’t agree with this notion that we the public have of seeing everything. They allow cameras to film the funeral but it is forbidden to show the faces of the Royal family members during the mourning prayers. It is not allowed to show their grieving faces during the funeral prayers. So don’t count on getting close ups of Harry, Kate, William and Meghan.

The Nighttime Is Covered

Many of us would understandably be asleep at night. However, there are still several plans in place for if the Queen passes away while the rest of the world is snoring away. It’s reported the BBC will shut down its programs and instead broadcast the BBC One feed instead. The news will only get announced at 8am GMT when most people are awake. After that, the screen will just show the Queen’s portrait and play the national anthem.