These Identical Triplets Took A DNA Test Hoping To Find Answers But Only Got More Questions


Having a sister is like having two wardrobes, just one lives in the other room and is funded by someone else. So imagine having not one but two siblings to steal clothes from? These three sisters don’t only have the perks of new wardrobes and infinite makeup, but they could use each other as mirrors before they walk out of the house.How?Because they are triplets. Although they grew up together, a DNA test result almost ripped them apart. Surely there was no way they could doubt their DNA? All it took was a simple test, and they would have the answers they were looking for… Until those answers led to more questions than ever before.

Triple threat

Did you know that one in every 67 births is twins or triplets? That’s a crazy amount of twins and triplets in the world. We never knew there were so many matching siblings in the world! Although there are so many more multiples than we ever imagined, it can still be mind-blowing to see two copies of the same person. Everyone has imagined having a look alike once in their life ,it is an interesting thing and seems fun.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole, a set of identical triplets, wearing matching dresses with matching hairstyles on the red carpet

Nature is a wonderful thing. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole were the latest talk of the town when these identical triplets were born with blue eyes and blonde hair back on December 12, 1977. No one could deny the resemblance that they had, true look alike triplets, beautiful babies who brought so much joy to the family. Having three children all at once is a challenge even for the most experienced parents out there.

Growing up together

Of course, having more than one baby can make it hard to keep on top of who is who. So imagine having three that all look identical? The triplets’ parents had a hard time telling the girls apart, especially when they were crawling around all over the place. But parents are parents and they tried their best to learn how to tell them apart. Some people try dressing them in different colors every time and others just hope for the best. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole sat on a sofa wearing matching coral dresses with their long, blonde hair worn straight down

Instead of crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, their mom and dad had tiny dots tattooed on the girls’ behinds. Erica has no dots, Nicole has one, and Jaclyn has two spots. A unique and creative thing to do but this was something that actually worked pretty well for them. There was no way they could get them mixed up like this, it was the best way. No more mix ups and everyone was happy and well.

Topic of conversation

It wasn’t long before the babies were the talk of the town. After all, living in Jordan, Minnesota with only 30,000 people doesn’t invite much to talk about. The minute there was an announcement of three little girls people from all over town were excited and wanted to see the triplets. They got lots of attention from day one. As soon as Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole entered the world, they became local celebrities. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole all wearing graphic t-shirts standing away from the camera while looking back and smiling over their shoulders

Local modeling agencies and talent scouts from all across town began to work with the girls. No one could wait to grab a piece of these three identical triplets, and everyone wanted to be the first. Their beauty shined and got through to everyone they met, you can’t deny the power of the three of them together. Having them model for anything together would be a true treat for any agency, company or product.

Three’s a crowd

Unfortunately, being a triplet wasn’t all it cracked up to be. In fact, the sisters all admit that it was hard to forge their own identity while they were growing up. They wanted to known for much more than just being siblings, they were triplets and as close as ever but to each their own. Each girl and her personality, her likes, dislikes, and traits.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole sat in a line wearing matching green hoodies with their blonde hair worn straight down

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole explained they were often referred to as “the triplets” or “you three,” and were lumped together as one person. This made it very hard to be noticed as individuals. However, the sisters all enjoyed dressing in matching outfits and playing with the same friends and toys. They wanted to do everything together. They love having each other and they know how rare it is to have siblings as close as them.

Chance at fame

The triplets had people trying to sign them to their agency for years. They needed to find that one chance that actually fit for them and they wanted to pursue, when the time was right for them. They finally gave in when they were 16 years old. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole weren’t only offered the chance to model; they were going to be the cover stars of Teen magazine. An actual cover, what an honor for first time models.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing denim dungarees as they pose for the front cover of Teen magazine at 16 years old

The sisters all took to the camera like a duck to water, true talented natural beauty,  and it looked as though they had finally found their calling.  This was their shot to become superstars. Together it seems like they were unstoppable. The cover shoot was merely the first rung on the ladder to success. They were looking forward to catching much more gigs on the way up.

A chance to breakthrough

The cover shoot was fun, but it was time for the girls to start a new career as nurses. They enrolled at the University of Minnesota, and everything was getting back to normal. They were shying a little bit away from the lime light and pursuing a very normal career job. That was until Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole saw a Playboy poster. Something peaked their interest to maybe step back in to world of fame. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole with curly blonde hair wearing black turtleneck sweaters hugging each other

The magazine was looking for the next women to appear in their Girls of the Big Ten special edition. The triplets thought that this could be a great once in a lifetime opportunity. The girls had no idea where it would lead, but surely there was no harm in trying out? They knew that Playboy could catapult them to international fame.

The grand reveal

It wasn’t long before Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole got a call from a casting agent at Playboy. As soon as they explained they were identical triplets, the magazine called them in for a photo shoot. The magazine realized the triplets were an asset they could not skip on. They were the girls Playboy had been looking for this entire time- something new and different that would interest playboy users everywhere.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing bikinis and fairy wings with their hair tied back laughing and joking with each other

However, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole knew the shoot would mean having to pose in the bare minimum next to their sisters. Plus, the entire world could see their pictures. The entire world would get a very up close and personal look to them. Was it worth it? This was something they would have to think about. Playboy was a big stage but it would come with takings some risks.

Their breakout role

It came with risks, but the girls couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pose for Playboy. One triplet later revealed none of them would have gone through with it if they had been on their own. Together they were stronger and much more supportive of each other.  Sisterhood is the most important element in their relationship. A close knit trio that could not be torn apart!Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole with matching dresses and hair on the red carpet standing next to each other smiling at the camera

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole were an instant hit in the magazine. In fact, they went on to become the first triplets to appear in the monthly centerfold. A true honor that they were very very proud of. Itl looked like their risk taking paid off. They felt confident with their choices. This was only the beginning of it all.

Only the beginning

As soon as their magazine hit the shelves, the triplets became overnight sensations. Everyone in the world wanted to work with Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole. Erica even went on to add that it was appearing in Playboy that started their entire journey to fame. No one could deny that the being in Playboy gave them a platform that was very encouraging for the rest of their career.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing three different dresses with their arms around each other on the red carpet

Without their photo shoot, they would never have become so popular or been offered so many opportunities. However, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole admit they wouldn’t change a thing about their life or the experiences they’ve had. They look back on the things they did and enjoyed the things that they experienced throughout the years.

Hitting the small screen

The triplets decided it was time to move to Los Angeles if they wanted to grow their fame. As soon as they landed, everyone wanted to get hold of the girls. It wasn’t long before they were approached by Boy Meets World which was a very popular sitcom on television at the time. They looked great on screen and it really seemed like this was their calling. Moving to Los Angeles was a good choice for them.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing matching pink tops while appearing on the show Boy Meets World

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole were even offered the chance to appear on Family Feud alongside Lisa, their older sister, and their father. The game show was also very very popular back then and any chance at appearing on TV was a good option for them.  As if that wasn’t enough, the girls walked away with $10,000 prize.

Budding romance

As well as mingling amongst the stars of Hollywood, one of the triplets, Erica, managed to find love. The sisters all appeared on the reality series Renovate My Family, hosted by Jay McGraw, the son of Dr. Phil. Erica wearing a gray dress with Jay McGraw wearing a suit and grey shirt together on the red carpet

However, during their time on the show, Erica and Jay started to grow close. Apparently, the host joined the girls in their trailer to watch a film before the show, and the rest is history. It was almost like love at first sight.

New opportunities

Now, the triplets had even more chances than ever before. As well as their modeling days, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole had a Hollywood connection. The Doctors is a show where a panel of medical staff discuss health issues that might be in the media, and it just so happened that Jay was one of the executive producers.

Jay McGraw wearing a striped shirt on the red carpet, and a clip of a doctor from the show The Doctors

The series had featured many celebrities over the years. It was time for the sisters to appear in their own slot.

Triple information

Erica and Jay eventually tied the knot in 2006, and it wasn’t long after the ceremony that the girls decided to appear on the show. Everyone had so many questions about their health as many had never met a set of identical triplets in real life.

One of the doctors from the show The Doctors standing next to a TV screen showing the name of the series

They were a first for many. As if that wasn’t enough, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole all took to their time on television as if they were seasoned pros. They were the perfect additions to The Doctors.

Three surprises at once

There was an instant boost in the show’s ratings, and it was all thanks to the addition of the sisters. However, they had a surprise in store for everyone. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole all found out they were pregnant – at the same time. Black and white photo of Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole heavily pregnant wearing black bralettes congratulating each other

Now, they had even more to discuss on the show. Not only did The Doctors get to follow the life of a pregnant woman, but they could follow the life of pregnant triplets all at the same time.


Girls, girls, girls

It wasn’t just becoming pregnant at the same time that had everyone talking, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole all gave birth to healthy baby girls in 2010. Thankfully, they all settled into life as parents with ease. .

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing matching black dresses while holding their baby daughters behind the scenes of The Doctors

However, seven years after their birth, The Doctors wanted the chance to catch up with the triplets. So much time has passed – and the show’s ratings were starting to slip. They needed a way to get the viewers back, and thankfully the sisters agreed

A testing segment

It was March 2017, and The Doctors knew they had to find a way to claw back the viewers. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole had been so popular all those years ago – it was time to recreate that magic. At last, they had it. Erica and Jay McGraw with Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin McGraw, posing together on the red carpet

Home DNA test kits give people a chance see just where they come from in the world. The show teamed up with Lisa Guerrero, a journalist, to see if they could test how accurate the kits really are.

Time to test

Thinking of a DNA test could conjure up images of sterilized labs and scientists in white coats, but science has come a long way. Now, all it takes is a small sample from saliva or a cheek swab to get someone’s DNA.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing matching zipped vests holding their DNA testing kits on The Doctors

The best bit? It can all be done at home. Then all people need to do is merely send their samples to the lab where a team of people can trace their DNA around the world.

Easy as pie

Many companies have started to offer these services as people want to know more than ever where they come from in the world. The triplets chose a test that meant they needed to send off a saliva sample if they wanted to find out the truth. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole sitting on the seat of a boat at the edge of the water toasting with a glass

These tests would do more than just tell them when they come from; many companies can trace family lines back through the women in the family as well as locate long lost family members.

Medical background

This was more than just an experiment for the triplets. They had always had an interest in medical science, especially since they were once training to become nurses. For Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole, the DNA test was a chance to see how accurate the results could be.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole giving their DNA saliva sample backstage at The Doctors to see if they have matching results

They were identical triplets – surely they must come back with matching results? The triplets gave their samples and sent them off to 23andme to be tested. They didn’t have to wait long for the results.

The waiting game

Although they know they are triplets, the girls were still eager to hear the results. A few weeks passed, and they were soon back for the grand reveal. The first test was to uncover if they are, in fact, identical triplets. Of course, the test was positive.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole on the set of The Doctors finding out they are identical triplets from a DNA test

Amazingly, the triplets’ fingerprints are so similar they would be able to trick modern technology into thinking they are one of their sisters. They weren’t surprised by the results, but there was more to come.

A second test

The girls were also part of a second test. Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole had their DNA tested to determine their ethnic origin. This means they would be able to find out where in the world their ancestors lived.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole during their time on The Doctors as they learn whether they have matching ethnic origins

The first test had been identical, and everyone thought the second would be no different. After all, there was no reason it should be any different… Was there? They all shared the same parents and DNA – nothing could be different.

Getting some numbers

As the results came in, no one could believe what they were hearing. They were looking at three identical triplets, yet somehow there were numbers flying everywhere, and nothing seemed to add up. The triplets were all 99% European, but that’s where the similarities ended.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole on The Doctors finding out the results of their ethnic origin test

Nicole was the eldest of the triplets, and her results showed she was 18% British and Irish. However, middle sister Erica only came up at 16% for the same test. How could they be so different?

Getting stranger and stranger

Things didn’t end there. It couldn’t be a wrong number after all! The Doctors continued to look at the rest of the results to see if they could uncover any more hidden secrets. They moved onto the French and German heritage section, but this just raised even more questions than before.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole on The Doctors show as they learn they all have a different percent of French and German heritage in their DNA

Erica was amazingly 22.3% French and German, while Jaclyn was only 18%, and Nicole scored the least with 11%. They might be triplets, but underneath they are so different.

The final third

There was one final part of the test, and everyone on set was on the edge of their seats to find out the third results. They sisters were about to learn of their Scandinavian heritage. Surely one of the results must add up? Amazingly, Jaclyn and Erica came back with the same result: 7.4% Scandinavian.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole on the sofa of The Doctors set hearing the results of their Scandinavian origin test

However, Nicole’s was different once again. The oldest triplet had a result of 11.4%. Perhaps being a triplet doesn’t make you identical after all?

Understanding the results

No one on set could believe how different the results were for Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole. Nicole was the most surprised of all the sisters as she couldn’t come to terms with how different the numbers were even though they were all from the same egg. Dr. Travis Stork, the host of The Doctors, was there to help explain what it could all mean. Dr. Travis Stork, the host of The Doctors, explaining that home DNA test kits aren’t 100% accurate and should be for entertainment

He wanted the audience to know the tests are for entertainment and shouldn’t be taken as scientific evidence.

Environmental effects

Travis continued to explain there could be more reasons the tests came back with such different results. He believed it was down to a faulty DNA test. The triplets had done everything they were supposed to, but taking a test at home means anything can get inside the vial before they are sent to the lab.

Journalist Lisa Guerrero wearing a leopard print top while on the set of The Doctors discussing home DNA test kits

There is no way to keep everything in lab conditions. Finally, Travis wanted the audience to know that one DNA sample wasn’t the answer to everything.

Defending the tests

The triplets and Travis were also joined by journalist Lisa Guerrero. However, she had a very different opinion to the host of the show. Lisa agrees that the home tests will never be 100% accurate, but feels Travis is giving them a hard time.

Travis Stork, Lisa Guerrero, and Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole discussing the accuracy of home DNA test kits

Lisa thinks they give people the chance to learn more about their history and would love to find out about her own ethnicity. Although she knows about her English and Latin roots, Lisa wants to know more.

Covering their backs

Nowadays, people around the world want to learn about their roots. The invention of home DNA kits has helped people achieve their dreams, and now anyone can discover their history. There’s no harm in that, right?

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole talking about how home DNA test kits will never give definitive answers but can give us an idea of our origins

Although they can give us an indication of where we come from, The Doctors want their audience to understand the results of the test will never be 100% accurate. Instead, we should use them as a guide. It still sounds pretty cool if you ask us.

Time to reflect

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole never thought they would grow up to become celebrities. They were just simple triplets from a small Minnesota town, how did they end up on a show being broadcast across the nation?

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing crop tops and shorts posing outside of a college when they were younger

Their modeling days and TV appearances mean the girls have met all kinds of superstars over the years. Little did they know that all their time in the limelight would lead to them becoming the face of home DNA test awareness.

Another addition

The fact Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole was scary enough for many. How had they all become pregnant at the same time? Amazingly, the coincidences didn’t end there. The triplets all went on to have a son each, too. Now that is uncanny.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing matching blue outfits and holding their daughters all wearing matching dresses and headbands

Thankfully, they are all settling into family life and are looking forward to the future, it might have been years since they appeared in Playboy, but Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole haven’t been able to keep their name out of the magazines.

Time to split

Celebrity life is never easy, especially when journalists are digging for the latest story. Unfortunately, Erica has found herself dragged into the world of constant attention thanks to her superstar husband, Jay McGraw. There have been many divorce rumors that have come and gone over the years

Selfie of Jay McGraw smiling at the camera with his wife, Erica, pouting next to him with her arm around her husband’s shoulder

. Sure, there might be no smoke without fire, but Jay and Erica seem to be going as strong as ever. It looks as though they are just more vicious rumors spread by the papers.

A grand day

Jay and Erica tied the knot back in 2006, and the wedding was nothing short of extravagant. The pair were surrounded by 400 members of their friends and family who all came out in force to help celebrate their big day.

Jay McGraw and Erica at their 2006 wedding in their dress and suit cutting the first slice of cake together

As if that wasn’t enough, Jay and Erica wrote their own vows to read during the ceremony, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Even Jay’s mom, Robin McGraw, needed a tissue at the end of it all.

The traditional way

According to Jay, he knew he wanted to marry Erica from day one. The pair were in Dallas enjoying an average day. That was until Jay decided he was going to pop the question. He wanted to keep things traditional, so Jay got down onto one knee and asked Erica if she would spend the rest of her days as his wife.

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin McGraw, with Erica and her husband, Jay McGraw, standing together on the red carpet

She might have said “Yes,” but we’re pretty sure Erica was speechless with her five-carat diamond and platinum ring.

Always the bridesmaid

Many brides choose matching dresses for their bridesmaids so everyone looks uniform. So imagine if your bridesmaids are identical. We’re sure there were plenty of people doing a double take at Erica’s wedding when she asked her two sisters to be bridesmaids to her wedding.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole all toasting champagne together while wearing matching black ball gowns

Not only did two of the wedding party look identical, but they also matched the bride. If no one knew Erica was a triplet, they were about to be in for a surprise.

New additions

Avery Elizabeth McGraw was the first addition to the family. Not long after she was born, Jay and Erica welcomed a brother, London Philip. As the children continue to grow, people can see the family resemblance coming out more and more.

Avery Elizabeth McGraw hugging her brother London Philip McGraw while they both wear their pajamas in bed

Both London and Avery have blonde hair and blue eyes as well as sharing the same features as their parents. It’s said all the grandparents love getting involved with the new additions, but we’re sure they’re still glad to hand them back.

Dad on board

Dr. Phil might lead a busy career, but this TV legend still makes plenty of time for his family. In fact, it’s sad the host was overjoyed at the news Jay was getting married.

Family photo of Erica and Jay McGraw with Robin and Dr. Phil, and the children Avery and London at a children’s birthday party

Jay loves to believe his parents are as in love with his wife as he is, especially as Dr. Phil admitted he couldn’t wait to see his son say “I do” to the girl of his dreams. We wonder what gave Jay his first clue?

Another man on the scene

Erica might have married into Hollywood, but she’s not the only triplet to walk down the aisle. The youngest of the sisters, Jaclyn, married real estate agent Billy Dolan, and the couple have gone on to have two children…

Jaclyn with her husband, Billy Dolan, and their two children taking a selfie as a family

Of course, they stuck with the pattern of a daughter followed by a son. The best bit? Both children also have blue eyes and blonde hair – what a shock! It’s said they enjoy spending their time on family vacations. Aww.

Looking back at life

Little did the girls ever know how one photo shoot for Teen magazine would change their entire lives. They might have come from a town with a few thousand people, but they never let anyone or anything stand in the way of achieving their dreams.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing black outfits while holding a pair of their silk underwear each

Erica once admitted that appearing in Playboy was a “Fun and fast ride.” However, all three triplets know the journey would have been nothing without their sisters by their side throughout it all.

Never enough

Although the triplets shot to fame after their centerfold in Playboy, they have since gone on to appear in a whole host of productions. Recently, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole even landed a spot on Relic Hunter, a reality show in Canada that follows the journey of ancient artifacts as they find their way back to museums.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole wearing black leather dresses on the catwalk with their long blonde hair worn straight down

It seems as though the triplets can’t get enough of fame. So much so they even admitted they would return to Playboy if they had the chance.

Cooking up a storm

Watch out internet; the triplets aren’t done with us just yet. As well as all their other adventures, Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole have started a YouTube channel named Triplets Gourmet. Here, the sisters show off their cooking skills to the world and even have a cooking site of their own.

Jaclyn, Erica, and Nicole being interviewed while wearing matching green jumpers with the same haircut and hairstyle

These girls really do have plenty to keep them busy, but at least they will always have each other their by their side if they ever need them.