5 Clever Ways to Save On Gas

As the price of gasoline is continually increasing, finding ways to reduce gas usage is the best way to reduce fuel costs. From planning your trips to taking advantage of using your smartphone, here are five of the easiest ways you can significantly save on your fuel consumption:

1. Plan Your Errands

Here is an upfront solution to save on gas – minimize the use of your car. In other words, aim to drive less. Plan your route or errands for the day. Work on combining your tasks or errands in just one trip. This is where having a to-do list or grocery list come in handy to make sure you are not missing on something and will have to do unnecessary repeat drives. Consider walking or use your bicycle if you have to pick up something nearby. This will help you save gas, and the best thing? Walking and cycling are good exercises.

2. Slow it Down

The next time you think driving fast is cool, think about how much it can significantly increase your fuel consumption. Speeding up and quick accelerations can increase your car’s gas usage. Drive smoothly and avoid speeding up and constantly hitting your brakes. Maintain a proper distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you.As you can see, saving gas is as easy as practicing disciplined driving when you are on the road.

3. Turn Off the Engine

Each one of us is probably guilty on this at least once in a while, but excessive idling is one of the major ways of wasting gasoline (not to mention an environment pollutant contributor). So, the next time you need to wait for someone outside, it’s better to turn off your engine. If possible, instead of a drive through you can pull over instead, and go inside the restaurant for your order.

4. Use Your Smartphone

On your smartphone quite often? Your smartphone can be your awesome partner for your #FuelSaving goal. You can download apps on your phone to help you locate the cheapest gas stations near you. There are several apps you can choose from for your IOS or Android phone. Gas Buddy, Cheap Gas, and Gas guru are popular apps for finding cheap gas, and all of them can be downloaded for free. Additionally, you can use your phone to install maps or get live traffic updates so you can find alternative routes and beat the gas-wasting traffic.

5. Get Your Car’s Windows Tinted

Tinting your windows can be a wise investment if you want to save on gas. Window tinting will not only add aesthetic appeal on your car, it will also help you save on gas. The window film can significantly decrease the sun’s heat that can get inside your car. This means that your car’s air-conditioning unit need not work harder to maintain a cooler temperature inside your car. So, you can save on gas and at the same time help extend the life of your car’s aircon system.