6 Simple Hacks For Your Car

There are many car problems that are solved with simple hacks. This is important because there are places charging few hundreds of dollars to fix simple problems to get simple problems fixed. Here are some hacks to save some money and to have an enjoyable car experience.

1. Use toothpaste for headlights
This is an easy hack requiring arm strength. You may use some toothpaste to rub over your headlights plastic cover. Allow it to settle for some time and rinse with dry and clean water. This allows the foggy glaze to be removed. You may also use some car wax or furniture polish to keep it clean.

2. Use a shoe as cup holder
Most cars now come with cup holders and they are not good. There is a need to have something secure to grasp the drink of 32oz. In fact, the cup holder provided by the automobile company is not deep enough. The best is to have a shoe as it will feature an adjustable opening. It is deeper and having heavy bottom shoe helps in preventing the spills. This is a fascinating trick that really works as you wish to go outdoors.

3. Open the key ring with a staple remover
Getting keys is a real pain onto a king ring. If you do not have nails, it is worse. The new key rings are stiff and some are really cumbersome and huge. Avoid breaking your beautiful nail or there is no need to hurt yourself. Instead, use a staple remover to put the keys by opening the key ring.

4. Use nail polish to fix paint scrapes and chips
Get your car dinge issues fixed easily. It may be an unreasonable repair for the little damage. If you wish to fork out a dough and want it fixed, try nail polish. Head to some drug local store and look for similar color matching your car. Paint it on, it will make your car definitely look better, even if not amazing.

5. Use a cereal plastic container as a trash can
The trash receptacles are on the passenger and driver side doors and these can fit nothing. Cleaning it out is a pain. This problem can be fixed by using a plastic cereal container. If you have a container featuring a big hole, you may stuff anything and can also put a trash can liner so that it helps easy emptying. It costs few bucks and makes your car look better.


6. Shade anywhere using tinted plastic sheets
A fun trick is to attach to the windshields the plastic sheets so that glare is avoided from the sun. Using this trick, you can attain similar effect. The sheets can be stuck on your window from the windshield and thus keep the windshield free from messy stickers. You can get the required relief from sunlight coming to the face and you can also get the visor working smoothly. This ensures easy cleaning.