When to buy a new car

It can be hard to know exactly when it is time to buy a new car and sometimes when we seek advice people tell us to keep the car until it literally no longer starts. This is bad advice waiting until it literally won’t go is facing the costs to repair it and if you sell you will have to pay a tow truck to come and take it out of your yard.Maybe you don’t have the money up front and are trying to hold off longer on those monthly payments but there comes a time when its practical to purchase another vehicle.

When insurance payments keep getting more expensive
It can be costly to insure an older car or sport utility and truck. As more time goes on the payments will go up. The more newer cars already come with various safety features so this will allow your insurance to become a lower cost.People tend to think with a perfect driving record it’s cheaper.Yes it can be but if the car is old and more prone to thieves your insurance will grow. We never think that increasing payments on our insurance is a time to go and get a new car, but it can certainly be a good reason to think about.

Repairs and constant breakdowns
If an occasional repair is needed that’s nothing much to worry about things happen, parts need to be replaced sometimes. If you tend to notice the car is breaking down more often and repairs are needing to be done frequently it’s time to say goodbye.

Safety is becoming an issue
No matter how many services you do on time or how well you keep your car there will come a point when it will no longer be safe to drive. The car will be prone to breakdowns and leave you stranded not to mention causes accidents and pile ups.  Older car don’t have the safety features that are needed on the road now. We have more drivers on the road and more people not paying attention to the road. Safety features like airbags, rear view cameras, Collison alerts and blind spot monitoring.

These are not necessary but if you can help in any way to avoid shock from an accident or cause an accident yourself it is best to be safe than sorry.If you are pulled over by the authorities and they deem your car unsafe you will have to walk home and face a huge fine, not worth the risk of endangering lives and hefty fines.

It’s hard to realize that although it’s nice not having to pay for car payments, fact is you are spending so much money on repairs and maintenance you might as well be spending the money on a new car for all to enjoy. Knowing that when your driving to the beach or to the park for a picnic with the family you have ensured the safety for your family on your side as much as you can, there is no better feeling.