Are you about to buy a stolen car?

We don’t always know about the crime that happens and unfortunately, crime can be right in front of us and we cannot see it. Unfortunately, not all cars on the market are legit some are stolen.

You need to be cautious when buying a vehicle and always take someone who knows about cars with you when going to check it out. It is easy to become victim to a scam. Here are a few things to look out for to avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle.

Be sure to check the VIN number on the car that you are looking at. You can locate this on the driver’s side at the bottom on the windshield or inside the door. There are many sites available online where you can type in the VIN number and get a status report as to whether it is stolen or not. When looking at the vin number if you see any sign of the number scratch or filed this is the biggest sign the car is stolen.

Avoid cars only accepting cash deals where you may not even receive a receipt, titles or bank documentation. If the seller claims they will send it to you or drop it off later this is also a fake deal. All paperwork should be given to you on the day of sale.If you don’t receive anything and only paid by cash there is no way you can prove the car is yours. This can see you sitting in a police interview room. Make sure you are given paperwork that puts you with the vehicle proving it is your car now.

Check out the paperwork before handing money over. If it looks like its been hand done to doesn’t seem right I would walk away it isn’t worth it.

Be sure to check the VIN number matches the paperwork and for misspellings. Professional title paperwork will not contain errors.Does the seller not give a fixed address? Offers to meet you at your place or at a park etc. If their number changes during communication or they will only communicate via an email.Unfortunately, craigslist is not all legit either. 
Craigslist has everything and while it does have some legit people who are hired killers or hookers there are still people out there who steal to make a buck.

Have a reliable person check the car out and monitor the seller’s behavior. Do they seem to want to rush the sale? Do they keep offering to lower the price? Signs of fake plates can be a different design that the area where the car is, are they mate of the proper material? Do they feel real?

Is the deal just too good?

Go by the old saying if it is too good to be true is probably is. Don’t become a victim of a scam and loose all of you hard earned money and end up with a stolen car that you can’t keep. Stay alert and pay attention to all the details