Car hacks for keeping cool without an AC

Sometimes the interior temperature of your car rises to such an extent that it becomes unbearable for you to stay inside and drive. If you have an AC system then you can easily maintain the temperature but if you don’t have then you got to the right place. You can use the following hacks below to keep your car cool without an AC.

Solar cool ventilation fan

You can install a solar powered ventilation fan in your car. This car fan maintains a safe and comfortable temperature level in your car. The solar panel of the fan uses the sunlight to provide power to the fan. You can place the fan vent in the on the edge of the window, then close and lock up the window. The solar ventilation fan also helps in eliminating the foul smell in the car for example pet and tobacco odour.

Windscreen sunshade

These sunshade keeps the car cooler on sunny days, block harmful ultraviolet rays and stops the magnifying power of glass. These sunshades are available in different shades and prints. Make sure you get a sunshade made of silver or gold material that reflects the heat.

Car seat cooling cushion

These cushions can be used in the car with 100% comfort seating option. The auto cooling water storage system keeps you cool in all season. It also reduces stress caused by long driving. Car seat cooling cushions are available at the local market at a cheap rate.

Park in shade

Always try to look for a space to park that offers shelter away from the sun. You can protect the steering wheel from getting heated by this method. Also, remember to park the car at a place where the sun wouldn’t reach for a few hours.

Use a blanket

Use a blanket to cover the steering wheels, gear stick and handbrake. This would protect them from the scorching heat of the sun. the blanket can be taken off and folded within seconds when not required. You can also cover the seats with a blanket.

Keep the windows slightly open

Always keep the windows slightly open to maintain air regulation when you park the car in the sun. there is also a security risk in it so always keep in mind not to roll down the window pane too much.

Freeze water bottle

If you are travelling on a sunny day then place someplace water bottles filled with water overnight in a freezer. Take the water bottle with you wrapped in a cloth or towel the next day. Place the bottles near body which will cool you down while driving, when the water melts then drink it.

The Japanese door tricks

Open the window of one side of the car and close the window of the other side for 5 minutes. Do this method with windows of both sides for 5 minutes. This method will reduce the temperature of the car by 10-degree Centigrade.