Car Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is the important thing you can do when you own a car. You should take out preventative maintenance to avoid troubles down the track that can be costly and timely.
Any mechanic or car professional will tell you not to ignore frequent maintenance.
It’s important to have your car serviced to check for any problems that can be become a major problem if left unfixed.

  • Resist the urge to save money and skip the check at the mechanic. Did you know actually visiting your mechanic when needed can save you money? Spending a low amount of money on small repairs will avoid large costly repairs down the track.
  • Inspect your car in between service checks. This will help you to check anything that is different or something that should be there like a leak.
    Check lights are working, tires have the correct pressure and listen for different sounds.
    Check your fluid levels with the gauge or dipsticks.  Keep an eye on transmission fluid and your brake pads to make sure they aren’t wearing down too bad.
  • Belts can be costly so be sure when your car is getting serviced that your mechanic checks these. Timing belts should be replaced every 100,000kms and serpentine belts changed every 60,000.
    If they are still in great condition there is no need to change but if they are worn they need to be replaced before they fail.
    Driving with damaged belts that fail will cause worse problems and damage other parts that are quite expensive.
  • Regular checks on your oil to check whether it is clean oil or murky, milky oil. Make sure your oil is completely changed every so many kms that is stated in your manual.
  • Check your battery often to look for leaks and mineral buildup on the contacts.
  • If you find your wipers are steaky and not doing their job it’s time for a replacement. Wipers are very budget friendly and easy to change over.
  • Have your tires rotated and the alignment checked. Your tires will last longer if they are balanced and rotated. If you find your car goes off track quickly when you let, go of the wheel then you need a wheel alignment it is cheap and quick.
  • Check over the spark plugs if they have buildup on them and work out then your engine is not working efficient. This can lead to breakdowns and will run through your fuel a lot more. These can be changed by a mechanic or yourself depending on how complicated they are to change on your vehicle.

These tasks are easy and fairly cheap to do. It will save on costly repairs down the track. Schedule regular checks with your mechanic to make sure your car is running as its best. If you find something not right or something you think may be minor be sure to contact your mechanic as soon as possible. Fixing a minor problem will avoid a major problem later on in the future.