How Car Tuning Can Help You Boost The Performance Of Your Car

If you are wondering what a car tuner does, here is your answer: a car tuner is similar to an engineer who does the modifications of a race car, mainly for exhibition and competition.
You could compare a car tuner to an auto mechanic since both of them are dedicated to improving customer vehicles. The two jobs are still extremely different. An auto mechanic works on the car’s hardware parts for a garage for complete repairs or a car dealership. They do the maintenance, repairs etc. A car tuner works on modifications, unique parts creation and tuning. Car tuners also work on re-engineering which is a lot trickier than doing repairs. This is a great option if you would like to make your vehicle stronger, and try to get as much performance as you can for any possible reason that you need it – racing, showing or your everyday life.

Some modifications that a tuner could do are simple and they are done for the sake of aesthetics. These include: spoilers, side skirts, body kits or anything else cosmetic that can be done on a car. These reparations focus on details instead of a larger picture – they do the GPR preparation and moulding methods that are way more complicated that regular mechanic work. Many car tuners can also be skilled painters.
This is mainly done because having a car that is able to perform a lot better than it does with electric power and increased MPG can be frustrating for drivers. Most cars are limited to factory settings because those were put there by the manufacturers – there are good reasons that those are there but the drivers would still like to get maximum performance. The factory settings are there because higher performance can cause wear and tear on the components and manufacturers simply think that it’s better to set them below the maximum.
Certain gadgets are there to allow drivers to change these settings and increase their car’s performance. Different gadgets improve different areas of the car.
Car tuning is something that everyone is talking about at the moment but most people are unaware of what this really means. Tuning of a car is an adjustment of vehicle qualities which improves its performance. You can easily spot these cars on the road and differentiate them from all of the other cars. They usually look a bit different from the others, in their irregular hues, trims, huge edges or some extra adjustments. The other sort of tuning is in the engine itself and it’s also easy to spot since the car is making different, more powerful sounds and you’ll know that it was tuned.
The computer of the car controls the engine and the transmission as well as some other systems. These are usually there to control the parameters like fuel timing, fuel to air ratio, valve timing and transmission shifts as well as many other parameters. This is done for the efficiency as well as smoothness, and power.

What tuners actually do is reprogram the computer of your car, changing all of those parameters so that they can add more power output to your car while trading off the factors of the factory setting in favor of that extra output.
Specifically, the chip of the car is replaced in some cases, and in other cases there is a special interface that you can use to reprogram your car. It all depends on the type of vehicle that you have.