Cool Gadgets For The Car

Manufacturers around the world are coming up with car gadgets that can be used to improve on how cars look and also to modernize them. These cool gadgets are released every day to ensure that different models of cars can stand out as unique and leave all eyes stuck on it. These gadgets are mostly found in new models that are being released but there is a way the gadgets can be added to the old model and make them stand out also. Automotives are adding these gadgets to make driving safer and enjoyable where you don’t need a new car to enjoy these innovations. There are many gadgets to choose from depending on which part of the vehicle you want to change. Here are the most, coolest gadgets for cars:

Fobo tire plus

This gadget uses Bluetooth to monitor tire pressure where it sends the signal to your iOS or Android device. It works simultaneously with your device to alert in case the pressure goes below 87 psi. It has one wireless in-car unit and 4 wireless tire sensors. They work even when the ignition has been turned off to ensure wherever you are the mind is relaxed.

Scosche Dual USB charger

The Scosche USB charger is very unique compared to other cars Usbs, each port has 12 watts that can be used to charge 2 iPad phones at a go to full charge. It is suitable for any car socket, low profile and lightweight. Recent iPads have been designed to use 12 watts at a fast speed making Scosche dual USB charger the best for your device.

Basket jump starter

This is a must for drivers to carry especially if their cars have been used for more than one year to avoid looking for help on the road every time the car needs to be jump started. If you have a basket jump starter you will never get stuck. The jump starter is charged using quick charge technology to ensure time is saved.


There are days you leave the house without taking a cup of tea, an expresso will ensure you don’t spend the day without coffee and you don’t need to go to the coffee shop because it will be inside the car. It contains an external temperature gauge and a power button that you’ll press to get the coffee. The outer part is made of a durable material that can be easily wiped off.

Automatic car adapter

This adapter records all the data you require automatically so you don’t need to do it manually. When inserted in the cars OBD port it keeps record track about the engine health, locations, MPG, trip details and much more information. Connect the adapter to your mobile phone through Bluetooth where the info to the cloud and automatic app.

Escort Max 360

This is one of the coolest gadgets to have because it’s a radar detector that has inbuilt Bluetooth technology which makes one access escorts. It will give real-time alerts as they are received from other users that are near you, gives you access to local speed limit data in case you might be over speeding.

Garmin Dashcam 55

This tool will determine the fault caused by an accident where it will capture images in a crystal clear dimension. This will ensure you are safe and can be used when one is driving through a scenic area.

These are a must-have gadgets for anyone who owns a car whether old or new. You will enjoy the latest technology and have easy ways to solve minor repairs and punctures. The sensors inside the gadgets can alert you in case anything is faulty and be able to avert it.