Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Car Clean and Fresh

Your car is probably your pride and joy. The feeling of driving it down the road and knowing that it looks amazing is irreplaceable. To keep up with this amazing feeling and keep your car looking just as amazing as when you first purchased it, you should make sure not to forget the maintenance, especially cleaning of your car.
There are many ways of maintaining your car and many businesses dedicated to maintaining your car. Next to this, visiting the mechanic and filling up the gas tanks are also some of the most important ways of keeping your car running, but to do this you probably need a professional help.

For inexpensive home methods, washing the car you own is one of the simplest method and easiest at the same time – it may not be as fast as car washers may but it will still do the job. Once you decide to wash your car there are some things that you should remember how to do best in order to get the best wash possible.
Do – Wear comfortable clothes that will make your job much easier. You do not have to put on a full gear clothes for cleaning, a simple t-shirt and shorts will do just fine for a car wash.
Do not – wear clothes that have a lot of zippers, buttons, metal parts, add-ons, clippers, etc. Everything that can scratch your car should be avoided at all costs. If you wear many of these metal pars that scratch your car, you can end up with a lot of dents and paint damage.

Do – have different tools for cleaning the inside and the outside of your car. For interior clean, you should have brushes, rags and a vacuum cleaner for the upholstery and floors. Sweep and vacuum the floors and mats. For the vehicle’s surface, use proper care products for the car shine and use the right amount of water.
Do not – forget to use electric dryers to dry all the liquids from inside of your car in order to avoid mold and rust. Do not use an abrasive cloth for wiping and drying. Do not use too much water or you will wash out all of the soap before it even gets to pick up the dust and dirt.
Follow the Directions
Do – read the instructions from the bottle and follow them so you do not damage your car. Use a proper amount of it in order to get the best effect.
Do not – forget to read the instructions and use too much of the product – this practice can definitely damage your car.
The Cleaning Process
Do – Clean your car properly from the top to bottom. Do not just stop midway. Start at the roof of your car and slowly move towards rims and tires. Gravity is a hard thing to fight against so it is always best to move from the top.
Do not – start at the bottom because everything you wash away from the top later will end up on the bottom and you will have to clean it again. Use less energy and start at the top.
Final Thoughts
Cleaning your car should be a thing that you do on a weekly basis or more if needed. Just make sure that you do it properly. Dry all of the surfaces that you have liquid on and use less energy by cleaning it from the top to the bottom. Take extra care with the sensitive parts. The most important thing is that you enjoy it – play some music, wear comfortable clothes, work in the shade so that the sun cannot bother you and have fun.