Get Creative: 6 Car Hacks That Actually Work

We all see hacks touted as the ones that work all over the internet all the time. However, you will find that most of them are nothing but nonsense. There should be a gold standard for what is considered a hack, using a criteria that determines what works and what doesn’t. This list contains hacks that work uniformly for everyone who uses them. Check it out.

Get Creative: 6 Car Hacks That Actually Work

1. Herbal Tea Bags Freshener

The new car smell is one of the best ones ever. But over time, you will have new scents and odors that you did not anticipate. For this reason, it is recommended that you use herbal tea bags. Instead of wasting money on air fresheners that do not work, you can use tea bags to get rid of the smell and keep the car fresh for longer.

2. The Power of Laundry Detergent

Vinegar is great when cleaning the interior. However, if you cannot handle vinegar smells, you could use laundry detergents. There are detergents that are sold for this purpose but you might as well try using household items. Mix hot water with laundry detergent and apply drops of the mixture to stains. Use a wash cloth or towel with cold water to wipe it off and scrub away the stain.

3. Removing Outdated Bumper Stickers

There is this one trick that is better than most of the multiple hacks that you will find out there. It is called the White Vinegar Trick. All you need to do is spray the sticker and let it soak for a while, find a putty knife and wrap it in duct tape to avoid scraping the car. After it has soaked enough, scratch it off with the knife.

4. Pool Noodles for Car Doors

Scratches on the door are hard to deal with and could cost a lot to get buffed out. When you open the door in the garage, that’s when it happens. Just get pool noodles that the kids like so much and cut them in half. Proceed to then attach them lengthwise on the garage wall where the scratches tend to happen.

5. Black Pepper For Radiator Leaks

Everything is getting expensive these days and sometimes, you just have to fix some of the things yourself. If you have a small leak, get a can of ground pepper to seal it up. The particles of the pepper move to the hole and then expand and cover the hole. They will last a while too to allow you to find a more permanent fix.

Get Creative: 6 Car Hacks That Actually Work

6. Fixing Dents

Fixing dents these days is expensive and you should not have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a dent to be fixed. You can easily fix it yourself using something very simple. All you will need for this exercise is a bathroom plunger and some hot water. The dents should be small for this to work properly. Bigger dents might need experts. So, pour the hot water on the dent, place the plunger on it and then pull. It will get fixed once you do that.