Insurance, agreed value or market value?

So you have bought a vehicle and now it’s time to organize the insurance.
There is either agreed value or market value. You can choose either one and both are quite different to one another. Car insurance is daunting and complicated when we start talking about what your car is worth and what you would like to ensure your car for.

The market Value:

This is a value that you would get on the open market exactly how it is. This is not the amount perhaps a collector would pay or a trade in with a car dealership ship value either.
 Market value is the amount you will get paid at the time of the crash that the car is currently selling. 
You most likely won’t get close to what you originally paid if your car is a few years old. So, by ensuring your car via a market value understand this means you will receive the price your insurer has estimated the car was worth at the time of the accident.

Understanding agreed value

The agreed value is a value amount that has been put into place between you the policyholder and the insurer company. Agreed value is good for a car that is financed and still has money owning.
When you go with the agreed value your premiums can increase if the insurer believes the agreed value is higher than the amount the car would sell for on market value. If your car isn’t brand new, then the market value can be good for you. The market value will drop over the years, but you still should get enough payback to cover the costs of buying another car.
You may not be able to buy the same model, but you will receive enough to be able to buy a car that is safe and reliable.

Agreed value is the most popular with customers who have bought a newer model car.
If your car has modifications and is more valuable than the standard models this would be the best option for you. New cars decline quite quickly so it can be good to agree on an amount that cannot change unless you decide to.
Agreed value works well if you are still owing finance for once the car is written off and you only have the market value you won’t get the full cost on the car back which will leave you also paying the difference to the car finance company. There will also be an extra fee for inexperienced drivers until a certain amount of driving time has been reaching this just goes on your monthly premiums for either agreed value or market value.

You can chat with the few insurance companies and get a few quotes. There are limits to agreed value and you cannot ensure it for a ridiculous amount or a large sum that is way over what the car is worth.

All quotes are free, and most can be done online so be sure to get it sorted before you go out driving.