A look into the Ford Mustang 2017

The Ford Mustang has always been a fantastic performance and respected car.  It is turbocharged and has extra safety precautions and crash protection. If you’re looking for an eye starring color it now comes in the grabber blue and the outstanding triple yellow.There have not been any major changes to from the newer versions to the past, however, there was the SYNC3 infotainment system added.

Being a V6
The V6 Ford mustang is a great choice for style and for fun. You’re looking at a 300 horsepower with a 280-pound torque. The Mustang offers a fast acceleration and with reports of reasonable gas mileage, it seems to be ticking the boxes.

Eco boost engine
Mustang loves to go for the Eco boost which is turbocharged and produces around 310 horsepower and the 320 torque. You’re looking at a six-speed manual or the auto transmission.

V8 Engine
If you like rough and ready, then go for the V8. It has 435 horsepower and a 400-pound-feet torque.
The engine is powerful and with just a quick step on the pedal you’re reaching a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

Ford is able to offer some performance upgrades in the new model.
There are enhancements like the Torsen limited slip differential which gives the car a handling all on its own, sports suspension, Eco boost performance that gives that extra rev head experience to another level.

A muscle car
This car is packed with comfort; the driver’s seat and passengers are heated and ventilated and packed. If you are looking into customizing your Mustang it isn’t too difficult to source the right parts and accessories. Wheels are often the first to be customized then along with grills and engine modifications. So many car lovers have fallen into the grasp of the ford Mustang. A sloping roof gives it definition and LED taillights with so many more packages to investigate.

Several features of popularity are the rear-view camera, Track apps that track the cars performance and the SYNC voice control with the six-speaker sound kit.This car reaps in the five-star rating and for the rev heads for like to break the rules it offers a MyKey feature that can set the car to a speed limit.Complete blind spot monitoring and anti-lock braking which is now a normal standard.This car increases your safety with the forward collision warning which is an important feature to have.

There is a fan club full of lovers for the mustang you either love it or hate it. No article can convince you to buy one get behind the wheel of the 2017 model and judge for yourself whether the car fits or not.
Some whispers say there is discounts coming soon for the mustang and a few deals that we should be taking advantage of. There is no shortages of the mustangs but why wait to experience the drive get in and feel yourself behind the wheel.