Maintain your Car Tires

For most people, their car is their sacred place. It is the living proof of their hard-work (if they have purchased it from their money).  However, as years tend to go by, so does your car. It gets older, and whether you like it or not, there will be parts of the car that needs to be changed from time to time. But what can be done is to maintain the car tires, since the new ones will never be as the first ones. There are many ways to maintain your car tires. Maintenance is also important since the tires are what controls the vehicle, therefore maintaining them will allow you to stay safe.

Tips on maintaining your tires

Tip #1 New Tires

If you have no choice but to change your tires, then it is best to put the new tires on the back of the car. This will help you since the back wheels are not in much control most of the time. While the front tires need the friction that they already have to keep the car going in straight motion.

Tip #2 Air pump

Never over pump your tires, this will work against you as soon as you begin to drive. The car has to contain a certain amount of air pressure, adding extra pressure will make them more sensitive on the road. Thus cause a flat tire faster than if the tires were at normal or acceptable air pressure. Always keep this tip in mind, since it has the most effect on your tires.

Tip #3 Checkups

It is always best to get the tires checked from time to time.  This will reduce the chances of any surprise actions that could happen to your tires at any moment.  Also, small objects can get into your tire at times from the road, thus slowly causing a flat tire. At a checkup, this can be checked out and fixed before reaching the point of a flat tire. Checkups should be taken as an advantage since they help fix anything before it needs fixing.

Tip #4 Overload

Tires tend to get tired at times, especially when there is a heavy load on them.  When overloading the car with a bunch of stuff, there is extra pressure and stress added to the car. This type of pressure was not experienced before and will cause the tires to create more friction with street roads. Therefore, causing them to wear out quicker than usual tires. Therefore, it is always best not to go long distances with a lot of things in your car.

Tip #5 Mismatches

A lot of people tend to install different tires at the same time, due to the reduction of the prices. This is a big no, no, this should never be done! The only reduction of prices that will happen is in your wallet. Tires with different needs of air pressure or height can cause a miss balance within the car and harm your tires.