Myths in the car buying world

There are so many myths surrounding the car buying world here we look at just a few of the most popular.

Paying cash gets you a lower price

This may be true in some instances but doesn’t really work when you’re buying a used car.
Car dealers can make a profit by getting you to finance a car so most often they will encourage you to pay via a finance loan. The profit is bigger when you finance a loan rather than a mere small amount they drop when you pay cash. A good price may not always be the answer technically it does not mean you may have got the best deal.

No one pays out for warranty

Sometimes a warranty can feel like it’s not all right especially if you don’t know how it works and the details about the warranty on your vehicle. Sometimes people put in a claim for warranty for something they aren’t covered for. Therefore, they end up blaming the dealership for being a scam. This isn’t often the case most times it’s the buyers who have not read up on the details of what their warranty includes before buying.

Buying today or no deal tomorrow

Some people tend to think they need to grab the best deal right there and then otherwise it will be gone. This is not correct. Car dealerships new and used always have deals. Truth is next day another deal will be out and could be even better. Sometimes there are deals on low interest rates, deals for low mileage cars or a discount of your warranty.

The internet is the cheapest and best to buy from 

There is an endless supply of cars online both new and used. The internet is convenient to use so we are turning to that for more and more things. Some people like to sit outside in the sun on their laptop and look for a car or late at night while laying in bed. However, the internet may be cheap it is certainly not the best place to buy a car. The internet is filled with people selling stolen cars or cars that are not safe and reliable. The internet may be cheaper that’s true but being the best is a myth. Never buy online without viewing the car, taking it for a drive and getting a history check done on the car.
Following this tip will ensure you get the best buy for your money.

While the net may be a great source for information it isn’t always correct. Anyone can write webpages and give false information so what you could be reading about buying a car could be false information so do your homework and seek your information from reputable sources. You can get a mechanical to go with you to look over the car before purchasing and they can tell you what needs repairing and whether it is a good by or to keep looking.
This will ensure you aren’t getting ripped off or buying something that you could get better somewhere else.