Need To Recycle Automotive Fluid

Automotive fluids are fluids or lubricatives used by automobiles e.g. cars, lorries, motorcycles and so on for proper and active functioning. Examples of this fluids are engine lubricating oil, brake fluid, gear oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid and many more.

Meanwhile to recycle something is to transform used products or materials into new ones, that is re-refining waste materials. It is another way to conventional waste disposal that conserves materials and help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the commonly used automotive fluid is engine coolant that is also known as Antifreeze. Antifreeze should not be allowed into the environment because it has a particular quantity of ethylene or propylene glycol which are toxic and perilous to human and animal health. It can really poisonous if it gets mixed up with the underground water, because the mixture of the fluid with water becomes a sweet drink and if children accidentally drinks it, becomes harmful to their health.

Another one is Anti-transmission fluid; recycling this particular fluid goes a long way in protecting the environment from the fluid’s harmful effects. If the fluid get into the soil, it automatically defiles it, and it seriously affects all plants and animals that gets into or eats from it to death. If this polluting fluid gets into the water supply system it is very dangerous for consumption, particularly for aquatic lives.

There is also the Brake fluid, which is highly flammable and has a high amount of different toxins like solvents, glycol, and heavy metals that are bad for the environment. which if accidentally released into the atmosphere, causes irreversible destruction.

Recycling and Reuse is much more beneficial than disposal, because it gives vital benefits to the environment. Used oil like the gear oil for lawnmower, cars and bikes and engine lubricating oil can be recycled, that is re-refining into a whole new one that is used by petroleum industries as raw materials.

Importance Of Recycling

  • It prevents pollution
  • It helps in conserving natural resources e.g water and minerals
  • It aids in the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • It conserves energy
  • It serves as source of income for those that are employed in the recycling and manufacturing industries
  • It also helps in saving, that is, you save the money you are to use in buying a new fluid, when you recycle
  • Saves time and effort put into producing or buy a new one
  • Keeps the soil safe and usable for plants and animals, and even humans that eat them both

The need to recycle automotive fluids is very essential, as it affects or will affect us both financially by helps save the money meant for a new one and health wise by keeping we and our kids out of harm’s way and we will be has healthy as we can be when we don’t get to drink or eat automotive fluid contaminated foods.