Tips To Keep Your Car’s Temperature Cool

One of the major problems faced by car owners or drivers is the rise in the internal temperature of the car. The temperature sometimes rises up to certain temperatures that become unbearable for the driver to get into the car. Here are the best car hacks to keep your car cool:

Seat Cooling Cushion

The leather seat of the car gets heated up easily so, it is unbearable to sit on a heated seat. So, you can buy a seat cooling cushion which will make your drive easier and cooler. You can get is easily from a local market.

Use a sunshade and window wiser

This is the best and most effective method to maintain the interior temperature of the car. You can put a sunshade or window visor every time you exit the car for a few minutes or hours. You can also make your car cooler by putting sunshade in your rear window too.

Parking in the shady area

Always try to park your car in a shady area. If you are going to park for a long period of time, then it is better to walk a bit farther in order to park in the shade. Wherever possible, park in a garage. Your car will be out of the sunlight and will be cooler. A warm garage is better than parking in the sun all day.

Sprinkle water

Sprinkle few drops of water on the hot surfaces of the car and wipe them down with a damp cloth. The water gets evaporated due to the heat making the surface less painful.

Check the coolant

If your car does not cool down after 10-15 minutes, then it could be due to overheating. The car engines get heated up if there is not enough coolant.

Keep windows slightly cracked

It is a good idea to leave the window slightly cracked in order to lower down the temperature of the car. The slight crack works as ventilation and helps in the regulation of air to keep your car cool. But make sure not to leave the window way open.

Cover with a blanket

You can use a blanket to cover the seats to while exiting the car. It will reduce the effect of sunlight. You can also cover the steering wheel and the gear stick with a small towel which protects them from getting heated. It is easy to cover and remove the blanket within seconds.

Portable AC

There are much mini portable AC available in the market. They use ice cubes as a source of cooling agent. A DC motor fan circulates the air making the car cool. The price at which the mini portable AC comes is very low about 6-8$.

Solar Fan

If you pair a solar fan with a slightly cracked window, then it will provide you with a pleasant feeling even on a sunny summer day. This fan works as a ventilator fan expelling hot air out of the car and making constant air circulation.