Tips on How to Negotiate When Buying a Used Car

When buying a used car, a lot of things come to mind. The information about the car, is this the car you wanted? Lastly, is it really worth the price tag on it? Buying a used car can be really tricky, especially when you believe you should get a lower price than what is set on it. Therefore you start to negotiate your way into getting a lower price. But you don’t know where to start, how to negotiate or what to say. Here are some tips that would guarantee you lower prices!

Tip #1 Price check

Make sure you know the worth of the car. This can be done by searching it on a lot of sites and places. This is extremely important since dealers would try to increase the price thinking you do not know. Then decrease to the original price of the car. Before buying, study! This may cost you time, but it saves you cash.

Tip #2 Date of Origin

  Buy a car that is a few years old. Around 2-4 years, since they still would not have changed the design much on the newest one.  The advantage here is that the price could be up to 50% off than it was sold when it first came out! This will definitely be one of the bargains ever made. Plus it you can tweak it up with a few new features and it could turn out to be better than the latest car!

Tip #3 Reliability

Make sure no matter what that the car is clean. In this context, clean means that the car won’t break down every month. Take it to go get checked before purchase, as well as reading if the parts are expensive to repair. The last thing needed is to buy a car that would have you spend more than what you have already spent just in repairs. It is an important aspect to keep in mind and insure that for at least 6 months, everything in the car should run smooth.

Tip #4 Loans

If you are paying in loans then its best to know your rates beforehand. Rates will make the car more expensive, since you would be borrowing money from the bank.  So it is best to estimate your overall budget, which then could help you find rates within your range. This will then allow you to buy a car within the budget and rates you had in mind.

Tip #5 Offers

Whenever a dealer ship says their price tag, always take it as a start number. Slowly start by saying the lowest number you can think of. For example, if the car is $15,000, say how about $5,000. This is a no way deal, but it does show that you want the lowest price possible.  This tactic can be a great help since you might actually make it lower than the budget you were willing to pay in the first place!