Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Car Looking Good

Keeping your car clean is an essential task to ensure the car’s safety. Besides this, it maintains the new look and better ambiance of your car. Here are the top 10 car cleaning tips which you must follow:

1.Cleaning the engine:

This should be done once or twice a year. It is essential because a cleaner engine runs cooler than a dirty one. This also helps in easy identification of spot leaks and servicing of various components. Care should be taken before starting, to ensure the protection of air intake, distributor, and electrical parts with plastic bags. In order to rinse thoroughly and scrub the engine and component surfaces, you can use a dishwashing liquid or any type of detergent with grease cutting ability. Professional steam cleaning of the engine is also needed.

2.Cleaning the car’s interior:

While washing the exterior, you should also vacuum and sponge the interiors to remove any dirt particles, spilled liquid which can cause corrosion. A powerful vacuum cleaner can be used to ensure thorough cleaning. The vinyl surfaces can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution.

3.Cleaning the dash gauge:

A soft damp cloth can be used for gently wiping the dust from clear plastic lenses on the dashboard as too much pressure would cause scratches on them.

4.Floor mats for protecting the carpeting:

The use of waffle style mats can prevent the salt, slush, and mud during the rainy season because they do not let the water seeping through. They can be cleaned daily. Also, carpet style mat can be used.

When the car is being washed, the rubber or carpet floor mats should be blasted with a hose in order to remove the dirt particles as this dirt can create holes in the mats. Then they should be thoroughly dried in the sun before using them.

5.Protection of the door and window seals:

In order to ensure good condition of the window weatherstripping, a rubber protectant or silicone can be wiped on it, instead of using an oil based product as this can damage the rubber. If the cleaning of the weatherstripping is done on a regular basis, then there are fewer chances of the door sticking to the rubber seal in cold weather.

6.Cleaning soiled seats by using upholstery cleaners:

The upholstery cleaners that are used in the home can be used for cleaning the soiled car seats, but sparingly, in order to prevent the saturation of fabric. A clean cloth can be used for wiping off the foam.

You can ensure the protection of fabric car seats, by spraying a fabric protectant, as this will make it resistant towards dirt and stains.

7. Using washer fluid only:

You should never add water to the windshield washer reservoir because it won’t be able to clean properly. There are also chances that the water may freeze during the cold weather and damage the system. In case you feel that the fluid is over, then avoid using the windshield washer system as it can harm the washer fluid pump.

8.Using a wheel cleaner:

A wheel cleaner is suitable for removing the wheel’s stains and dirt but make sure you are buying the right one as some are designed for metallic wheels while the others for clear coated and painted wheels. The formulations vary depending pin the finish of the metal such as satin,aluminium or chrome. Wheel polish can be used for protecting the metallic wheels and wax coating for the painted wheels.

9. Wax for protection of car’s paint job:

Slow oxidation is prevented through car waxing. This also forms a shield against bird droppings, sap, and pollutants, which keeps the car shiny.

A thin even wax coat can be applied with a damp sponge. After drying, a soft clean microfibre cloth can be used for removing the wax.

It is good to apply an extra wax coat to the nose and hood as these areas are prone to quick wear out.

10. Providing a new skin to the car:

Urethane films have been developed that are excellent ways to protect the painted areas from any kind of abrasions. Just like painting, one can wash and wax the surface. You can either get the films installed by professionals or do it yourself.