Top 10 Vehicle Hack Items That Every Jeep Owner Must Own

Vehicle hacks are really important as they will help you to stay safe and away from troubles in different scenarios. Usually, jeep lovers are adventurous and they like to go on different road trips. Here are the top 10 vehicle hack items that every jeep owner must have –   

  1. Rain Covers- If you are having an open rooftop jeep wrangler then you must carry rain covers with you always. This will protect your expensive seat covers, speakers or navigation system in case of rain. It is also recommended to cover your open rooftop Jeep every night with rain covers.
  2. Window Covers/Blinds – If you are going on a long drive or going to drive all day then do carry window covers with you to protect the passengers from sunlight. This will keep the inside temperature low and passengers will have a comfortable journey.
  3. Jeep Cooler – Same like wind covers, keep jeep cover with you on a long journey. It is an electronic gadget that gets energy from jeep’s cigarette light power source. It keeps the drinks cool and nourished and can keep them for delayed periods.
  4. Basic Tool Kit – One should always keep the basic tool kit in the jeep because any problem can come up with the machinery anytime. So the toolkit will help you to repair it temporarily. If you are not having much knowledge about the use of tools then keep the user manual of the kit as well because it will help you to know how you can use those tools to repair something.
  5. Grippy Strips – We all have lost their phone or any other thing between the seats. So grippy strips are perfect to organize your stuff in the jeep. Grippy strips have double sided tapes which can easily stick to the dashboard. You can then easily keep your phone or other stuff in it and keep them organized and your jeep will remain clean too.
  6. Snow Tracks – If you are planning to drive your jeep in a snowy area then you must carry snow tracks for the perfect grip of tires.
  7. Inflatable Jeep Jack – This item is also really useful and it lets you lift the Jeep easily to change tier. In fact, this has replaced the traditional mechanical jack. It gets power from the vehicle itself to lift it up easily.
  8. First Aid Kit – Whether you are going on a long journey or regular day to day work, always keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle. In case you or anyone else on the road met with an accident then you can help them with the first-aid kit.
  9. GPS Tracker – GPS tracker is a very powerful gadget to protect your jeep from thieves. If you own an open rooftop Jeep wrangler then you must have this gadget in your Jeep. It is connected to your smartphone and you can track your jeep easily with this. A tracker will be placed in your jeep and it will be connected with your smartphone through which you will be able to know the exact location of your jeep.
  10. Air Pump – This is another very important item that one should always carry. In fact,     all vehicle owners should have this device. Tires may get puncture anytime because of       anything so this gadget will let you fill the air in the vehicle so that you can take your jeep to the nearby repairing station.

Follow these simple yet really useful and helpful vehicle hacks to have a safe and comfortable journey.