10 Facts You Should Know About Car Rims

Spinner and chrome rims can look very cool as if they came from mars. Surprisingly, these rims don’t possess any benefits. So they are basically just for showing off. This is probably the reason as to why some states have forbade their use. In addition to this, they are heavier and might require some galvanization to prevent them from rust making you spend so much on them.

10 Facts You Should Know About Car Rims

Alloy Rims

The alloy rims are far much better than any other rims because:
-They are light making it easier for you to negotiate the corners along the road like a professional driver with years of experience.
-You will minimize the cost of the gas because the rims will just consume little of it
-Your car’s suspension will be upheld
However, it is better if you avoid scratching the rims because:
-They tend to crack easily
-In the process of scratching, they might obtain demarcations and lines making them lose their beauty
-They might become so expensive to repair

The Standard Rims

Alloy rims have recently become the standard for vehicles after they overtook the steel rims. This is because steel rims:
-Are heavier
-Burn more gas
-Bend more easily
-Rust quickly and easily when compared to the alloy rims

Bigger Rims Burn More Gas

The friction between the road and the tires increases with the increase in size of the rim. This will require more energy and consequently more gas for the vehicle to propel itself.

Smaller Rims Are Calm

On top of burning less gas, you will also realize that the smaller rims produce very little noise. The rubber in your wheel takes up more space than the rim therefore reducing the force that would be exerted on the rim allowing for less noise.

How Are They Made?

Large scale production of rims is through casting whereby the metal is molded under high temperatures and left to cool in the required shape. Rims may also be made through forging.

10 Facts You Should Know About Car Rims

The Inventor

Rims were first invented by Andre Michelin in 1895 and have been used for over 10 decades now. The Michelin Tyre Company owner really changed the face of the wheel after it was invented in Mesopotamia by combining it with the rim. That is why up to date, newer better and lighter rims are being produced for our vehicles.

Their Maintenance

Rims can be long lasting provided that they are thoroughly cleaned with a rim cleaner at least thrice a week. Cleaning will be quite essential as it removes the dust and dirt particles in your rims leaving them polished and flashier than ever.

They Have a Lifespan

Rims can get corroded with time because of rust and other dirt particles. They may therefore require repairing or even replacing if they are beyond repair.


Repair shops for damaged rims are available everywhere and you can ship your rims to the experts for repair. All in all, avoiding the potholes as much as possible is the ‘best repair’ for your rims.