10 Reasons To Buy A New Car

Does the new car dream call your name? The main advantage of investing in a new car is the confidence that it will not leave alone at in the middle of nowhere. You’ll pay more for it, but you’ll be happy and satisfied.

Why choose a new car?

1. Maintenance costs: it’s not a secret that a new car doesn’t have any problems at all. When you have a new car in your garage, you only need to think about keeping the tires calibrated and checking the fluid level.

2. Safety: a used car is always much more likely to crash or have a component damaged by natural wear and tear.

3. Warranty: when you buy a new car, you can be sure that only people and reliable tools have had contact with it until then. So, there is practically no chance of getting a car with masked defects.

4. Factory coverage: if you are a victim of a defect that has gone unnoticed in the automaker’s designs or processes, or if a component has suffered abnormal wear for the expected period or mileage, you need not worry. In this case, just activate the service providers accredited.

5. Advantages at the insurer: among the most determinant factors for the premium extent of contracted insurance coverage is the year of the car. Also, taken into account are the age and the profile of registered drivers, the usual parking places and routines. But, the model and year in which the vehicle was manufactured is that they form the basis for the prices charged. The chances of defects and, consequently, maintenance costs are much lower. Therefore, insurance for older cars end up coming out more expensive.

6. Less environmental damage: the difference in efficiency from newer models to older ones is simply huge, delivering more power and torque, while delivering less pollution.

7. More advanced technology: it is possible to clearly see an evolution of cars comparing equal models with 1 or 2 years of difference. Automakers really strive to get attention and offer the best and most evolved.

8. Make it easier to resell: when it comes to buying a car, if the option for a used one takes a certain advantage by costing less, when you think about reselling it, it is preferable to have a zero-kilometer.

9. Reduced bureaucracy: when buying a used car, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to transfer the documentation, to do the inspection and many other processes that can give a little headache. Buying a new car gives you greater ease in dealing with bureaucracy, after all, you will be the first owner.
10. You have more possibilities of customization: air conditioning, power steering, automotive sound, special paint, electric windows … Whatever is your choice, you will find a car the way you want.

Put it on the scale

Now that you know the advantages of buying a new car you can choose your favorite model.