4 Marketing Automotive Trends of 2018

Are you looking for a perfect car? Are you researching online for a reputable dealer? In recent years the internet has become a central hub for finding crucial information in order to purchase the perfect vehicle for you. Researching online before going to the dealer can help you get a better deal. Here are 4 ways the internet can help you get all the info you need.

1.Mobile will dictate digital interactions
The mobile devices have become auto shopper’s key component and they dominate digital interactions. In fact, auto shoppers, around 58% agree their Smartphone is the only device used for research of vehicles. Having a responsive mobile website is sufficient for the mobile buyers to target.

Thus, having merely a website that is mobile responsive is not sufficient. There is a need for the mobile apps, video content, local search, and social media to reach the buyers on their devices. The trends of the automobile marketing need to customize vehicles so that the Smartphone features offer 360-degree views.

2. Local searches rule
As the internet is the only source for research of vehicle, the online experiences initiate through a search engine. Likewise it is natural that the online car shopper’s experiences start with search engine. The online shopping experiences of buyers end with search on selecting the dealership or OEM. During this claim ensure telephone, address, and name details to be given across different listings.

3. The Video
Video has set an “up-and-coming” trend stage and it will stay. It is the most effective tactics bringing best of the ROI. In fact, this is one of the superb automotive marketing trends that are in high demand. Watching a video regarding an automobile is highly preferred and people love seeing video content. The purchase decisions and vehicle research are influenced by the video. It is observed that the auto shoppers watch for over 30 minutes the video while doing the vehicle research.

Videos assist the brands in the consideration stages; it also possibly accelerates the unpredictable and lengthy automotive sales cycles. Car shoppers also agree videos play a crucial role in introducing the new brands and the decision making terms are narrowed down after watching the video.

4. Reach people in the purchase process on digital
The automotive industry has lengthy and complex sales cycles. The car buyers around 60% actively keep looking for advice and research. It is also observed that various platforms and channels are using this information as touch points.

On an average the shoppers consider around 5 brands taking into essential factors such as type of the car, size, and other features that helps in the journey of the buyers and also in the purchase approaches. The features and other details narrow them to 1-2 cars choices.
To make an influence and impact on the purchase decisions, the car dealerships have to reach potential customers in the discovery, purchase cycle and consideration stages.
There are heavy digital influences on the purchasing decisions of car buyers, car manufacturers and dealerships so that they communicate effectively across each moment with potential customers. Thus, there is a need for mobile marketing and video attempt to embrace to influence buyer’s decisions.