5 Anticipated Car Tech That Will Transform Driving

Do you want to see some of the new technology in cars that will transform the way we ride? The automobile industry is always presenting the best technological developments. The cars by 2020 are expected to be unrecognizable as there are recently a lot of car tech advances interesting everyone. A few are highlighted here:

1. Partial Automation
Yes, partial automation is already available in top-end models such that both the speed and steering are managed as highway driving. They match the traffic speed ahead of you and in ideal conditions follow the road curves. However, the driver must pay attention at all times and exceed the limitations of the system, if essential. It is strongly believed by 2020, there will be fully autonomous cars.

2. Biometric Access
The switching from the keys to fobs to keyless entry in the recent years has become common. The trend of new cars renders that there will be start buttons even for the engine. Developments in this aspect mean you can unlock and start your car using fingerprint or even retinal scan. It appears that the Smartphone features of security will be followed in cars, though it may take considerable time.

3. Driver override systems
Same as the autonomous technology, the technology will disregard the commands of the driver and consider taking its own decisions. There is already automatic breaking in elite cars that stops and the brakes fail. By 2020 the cars may apply brakes even if the driver presses on the accelerator is foot. The sensor technology rapid increase eventually will give its ultimate word and nothing will come as a surprise if this access prevents the police forces from car chasing.

4. Car airbags
Mercedes is developing currently an airbag form that will arrange in stopping the car. They plan to organize the vehicle to stop prior to a car crash. These bags will ensure overall safety system deploying the time the sensors determine an inevitable impact. These special bags will feature friction coating helping to slow the car down and also to double the vehicle stopping “power”. It will lift the car for 8 centimeters and it will counter the dipping motion of the car during braking.

5. Energy-storing body panels
The new car technology growing trend is in electric and hybrid cars. This trend will not slow down. Already the batteries are really heavy and taking a lot of space. The auto manufacturers in Europe are experimenting currently the body panels that have the ability to store energy. This will ensure faster charge than the batteries of today. The panels are carbon resin and polymer fiber providing strength and thus the overall weight of the car is reduced. The main idea is the energy must be captured by the panels from other technologies such as regenerative braking or direct charging overnight. If this is done, it will be a great technological advancement in the car batteries.

By 2020, it is also anticipated that your car will be connected to the internet fully and it will offer powerful information, customizing your message as well.