5 Car Kits You Should Have During Traveling

Having an emergency on the road and being unable to handle it is the worst nightmare for any traveler. But you’re not just any traveler because you’re always prepared, right? To be on the safe side, I’ve compiled a list of five must-have kits to keep you prepared and safe during your car travels.
The First Aid Kit.

Your health is a priority at all times and it should be no exception when you travel. Be prepared at all times with a well equipped First Aid Kit. You can either purchase an already assembled First Aid Kit or customize a DIY one. The most important items to include in a DIY First Aid kit are;

– Pain relievers,
– Antiseptics,
– Adhesives,
– Gauze dressings,
– Gloves,
– Antibiotics,
– Scissors,
– Cotton balls.

If you’re traveling with a child, remember to include a thermometer too.

Emergency Safety and Survival Kit

Survival on the road is a matter of life and death, seriously! The safety and survival emergency kit is a must-have. This kit should be easy to carry in case you need to evacuate the car and is dependent on your co-travelers. If you’re traveling with family, pets, or just friends, customize it accordingly.
Mainly, you’ll need;

– Extra cash,
– Food,
– Water,
– A warm blanket,
– A sleeping bag,
– A charged cell phone,
– A travel map,
– Copies of personal documents,
– Emergency contacts,
– Baby or pet supplies or games for children.

Car Repair and Maintenance Kit

It’s not enough to know how to change a tire or jump start your car. You must have the right tools to do the job in case you’re stranded on the road with an emergency like a flat tire.
Ensure that your car has:

– A fire extinguisher
– A car charger
– A flashlight
– A reflective jacket,
– Two or three warning triangles,
– A spare tire,
– Spare fuses,
– A jack,
– Screwdrivers,
– Wrench,
– Pressure gauge,
– Jumper,
– Spare oil and coolant,
– Duct tape,
– Washer fluid,
– Rags,
– Towing chain,
– Gloves,
– Spanner,
– Spark plugs

Convenience and Comfort Kit
A car journey is not a prison sentence and should be made as enjoyable as possible. Turn your travel into a luxury experience by adding a few of your personal favorites into this kit. No one knows you better than yourself and this kit is a reflection of just that. It should include mainly personal care products like toiletries, an extra pair of shoes, gloves, clothes, a blanket, travel pillow, and whatever else you need to be comfortable on your journey.

Weather Preparedness Car Kit
Being prepared for anything definitely includes the weather. This should not be limited to winter though you’ll definitely need to pack a shovel, salt or cat litter, and a windshield scraper for those snowy days. As an ace traveler, always have a raincoat or umbrella for when it rains, a sunscreen for the scorching heat,

Rock the Road!
With these five car kits safely packed away in the boot or back seat of your car, no one can be more prepared for any emergency than you, so buckle up and drive!