5 New Cars That Have The ‘Wow’ Factor

People buy cars because they are a necessity nowadays and used by almost all sort of people for transportation. Automobile companies are launching new cars periodically and working on new innovative designs in order to attract the customers. As New Year is approaching, many of you may be looking for an attractive new car to buy. If you are searching for latest cars to buy, you need not worry now. Here are some lists of new cars that have wow factor. Buying those cars will definitely surprise your family and its worth for money.

#1- SUV Lamborghini
Lamborghini was officially launched to the world in Bologna, Italy on December 5. It’s well-known as the fastest SUV than others in the market. Interesting features of Lamborghini includes 4.0-liter V8 engine, speed of about 190 mph, and output of about 650 horsepower. Retail price of Lamborghini is about $200,000. You can own Lamborghini since its worth for your money.

#2- Lincoln Navigator
Are you looking for comfy technology to satisfy your entire family? Then, you need to go for Lincoln Navigator. It has the ability to give your family a comfy and memorable journey. It’s quite an affordable option since it costs ranges from $72,055 to $96,000. Ford has tried to reach the standard of Lincoln and tried installing all the luxury options in their car for reaching peak position in the market. But, the actual value of Lincoln doesn’t alter and it’s the best option in the market.

#3- Jeep Wrangler
Loyal car lovers can prefer wrangler since it’s one of the iconic vehicles that ever launched into the market. It has better aerodynamics and huge wheelbase. Redesign of wrangler may take less time than usual since it has a well-designed canvas top. You can remove and reattach just by spending mere minutes. Latest version of wrangler offers required space for the travellers and a comfy interior. Wrangler costs starts at $24,000.

#4- Honda Accord
Honda Accord has interesting features like Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi, Android Auto, remote engine start and ventilated cooling seats. Accord comes in five different configurations and that includes Accord-sport, EX-L, EX and Touring. And, the pricing starts from $24,000. Accord is regarded as one of the best cars in the market and it has perfect-size steering wheel.

#5- Aston Martin
During late November, Aston Martin launched its new car and its price is about $1, 50,000. It’s equipped with 503 horsepower output, low-priced vantage, twin-turbo V8 engine, and 4.0 liter. Its stunning look attracts almost all buyers and it’s one of the genuine performance vehicles in the market.

#6- Corvette
Terrifying powerful automobile launched into the market is the Corvette. It generates about 755 horsepower output with the top speed of about 212 mph. The cost of Corvette is about $119,995 and it’s designed with V8 engine with the capacity of about 6.2 liter.

Overall, cars are becoming one of the necessities in the present world. You can have a look at the above mentioned car models for owing it. These cars will definitely give you a comfy travel and will surprise your family without any doubt. Just by spending affordable cost you can own it and it’s worth for your money.