5 Winter Car Hacks To Keep Your Car From Freezing

With the arrival of winter the driver must be alert to the operation of some items of the car to avoid big surprises. Air-conditioning, battery, tires and vane are some components that should be checked. It is possible that on cold days there will be difficulties in starting the vehicle. In these cases, it is important not to push too hard to make the vehicle pick up, as the battery can discharge quickly.
Some tips to keep you safe in the winter
1, Winter Kit: keep it with the main items for winter days. Some examples are: anti-freeze water, food (a good tip is always to have cereal bars), blanket, candle, matchbox, snow shovel, first aid kit with seatbelt cutter, candle, and matches.

2. Wrap your side mirrors in plastic bags: even with the car in the garage, or even parked on the street, it is important to leave the side mirrors wrapped in plastic bags. So you can preserve them clean and without ice and snow.

3. Alcohol in the Keys: When temperatures get too low, the latches on the car may freeze and the keys may become trapped. This situation can be avoided by passing alcohol on the keys. This can melt ice. You can also, warm the keys with a lighter.

4. Put a rug or a blanket on the windshield: leaving a blanket, rug, or even a tarp on the windshield while the car is parked can prevent snow and ice from sticking. You can also, use your makeshift windshield cover for additional traction if you get stuck in the snow. You can also leave your windscreen wipers elevated whenever you park. This prevents them from getting stuck in the glass. Attention, never use hot water to melt the ice from the glasses, this can cause them to break.

5. Credit card as ice scraper: As long as you do not have a scraper to remove snow and ice from the windshield, you can improvise with a credit card, the result is the same! Also, instead of taking ice out of the windows and windshield of the car with a ice scraper, you can spray them with alcohol when you get out to start the car. When you redirect, the frost will be easily removed
Always remember these things

Avoid accelerations with very high revs when starting the engine. The right way is that it reaches the ideal working temperature to ensure efficient lubrication throughout your system. Also, the battery can discharge quickly.
Open the windows to allow the air to dry some minutes before locking the car. This will help the temperature inside the car to reach the temperature outside. This can reduce humidity.
When parking the car at night, look for to the east: As the sun rises to the east, as the sun reaches the highest point of the sky, the snow melts. So you can enjoy the temperature. This will help you a lot.