7 Astonishing Car Facts

Many of us may be crazy about cars f and some of us may have the habit of collecting pictures of different model cars on the market .  Others  may love to know some interesting facts about cars. For those individuals, here are some interesting facts about cars that you probably have never heard before. Knowing certain things may make our life interesting and hence explore these astonishing facts to gain some more knowledge.

#1- Honda CRV launched into the market with Picnic table
Honda’s compact first and second generation SUV’s came into the market with flip-out picnic table. In the first generation cars, Honda introduced an optional shower kit. Nobody in the market offers car features like Honda.

#2- Ford GT is the strong automobile and it broke the crushing machine during Roof crush test
Ford doesn’t have a strong enough roof crushing machine to crumple even little machine since even the little car is strong enough and hence it will damage and break the crushing machine.

#3- Lexus was not the last car with cassette player
Nowadays, almost all car companies are getting upgraded to iPod-integrated infotainment systems from CD players. In the year 2010, Florida retirement home came with a standard and Lexus was not the last car with the cassette player. Instead, the last car launched with the cassette player was the Ford crown vic, and still 2011 it had optional player in it.

#4- Pagani Zonda got its instrument panel from Lancia city car
We all know that, Nissan 300ZX shares its headlights with Lamborghini Diablos and the Toyota AE86 shares its tail lights with Lotus Esprit. But, many of us may not know from where Pagani zonda had its instrument panel. But the answer for that question is Lancia city car. Pagani is well-known for its extravagant interior but it got its instrument panel from the City car.

#5- Austin Maestro do comes with different genders for different countries
Talking digital dash was introduced by the Austin Maestro for the first time and for reading out the warnings like low oil pressure, brakes when needs servicing it gave the voice in female tone. While in some regions like Spain and Germany it gives male voice instead of women for reading out the warnings since Germans hate to obey commands in female voice.

#6- McLaren F1 Gearbox Prototype used Chevy V8
Engine was needed by McLaren in order to test the prototype for the F1. They needed motor with sufficient torque in order to obtain their expected production unit. So, they used chevy V8 in their design for achieving maximum production output as expected.

#7- Frisky- an Arab car was made with the help of the Egyptian president
Egyptian president Nasser was a part of the plan Arab car “Frisky” and it was built from the British micro car.
Hope, so you are benefited with these interesting facts. There are some other astonishing facts and you explore those facts by surfing through the internet.