Amazing Supercars That You Maybe Forgot About

Supercars  are powerful, fast, radical, and crazy. Their time on the streets seems to be shortlived, regardless of the fact how dashing they appear. You may know a few names such as Pagani Zonda, Ferrari Enzo, or Audi R8. There are a few cars such as the Covini V24, Dauer 962, and Jaguar XJR-15. All the cars were awesome, but stopped being sold completely so here is a friendly reminder.

The truth is that some of these cars were highly powerful, while others were less powerful but downright gorgeous. Yet, there were few more new supercars gracing the road assuring to make the best and also to not disappear quickly. Here is a trip taking you down visiting the memory lane:

Dauer 962
The Porsche 962 was the top most racking cars. This was taken by John Dauer, a privateer and he made it his own. This took the work of Porsche by pushing to next level. It delivered 730 horsepower confirmed Dauer and was good for 251mph top speed. This was a number that in 1993 it became the faster car.

Naught took 62.1 mph reporting 2.6 seconds with 124.2 mph coming as astounding 6.9 seconds. The quarter-mile took merely 9.8 seconds, and it was outlandish at that time. Thus the limelight of Dauer 962’s was over quickly, and the record was being claimed and a year later was remembered as McLaren F1.

Nissan R390
It is tough to imagine that supercars of $1 million are forgotten easily, but this is also the case with Nissan R390 GT1 road car. Nissan R390 was referred to as ‘diamond in the rough’. This was mainly because it was a road car prior to becoming a track car.

Nissan R390 was good for 550 horsepower and with torque of 470 pound-feet, which is not much as per the supercar modern standards and it was good by all means. It weighed 2,420 pounds, featured a six-speed gearbox that was ahead at its introduced time in 1998. The V-8 3.5 liter was good offering 60mph in 3.9 second and 200 mph top speed. The engine is alive, McLaren bought its rights and a derivative came under the hood of McLaren Mp4-12C.

Volkswagen W12
Volkswagen is a premium brand and in 2001, it came up with Volkswagen W12, claiming to become Volkswagens history by breaking the speed record in the world twice. The W12 was the powerful sports car in 2001 and it delivered horsepower of 599 and torque of 458 pound feet. Thus, it became good enough for a 62mph sprint to cover in 3.5 seconds to take up 221.9 mph top speed. It had 200.6 mph as average speed.

Ascari KZ1
The Ascari KZ1 presented in early 2000s had subdued looks to be known as supercars, but it was an attractive beast, having the merchandise to back it up. TheKZ1 featured 5.0-liter V-8 that was the BMW M5 power of the era. The KZ1 weighed 2,866 pounds, delivered 500 horsepower and torque 368 pound feet. All said and done, now this supercar is forgotten and it could hit in less than four seconds 60 mph and also topped at the 200 mph mark.