Bad driving habits

When you come across non-courteous drivers it can be hard not to lose your temper. We are seeing more and more unprofessional driving habits at work that can put other drivers at risk.
One of the most common bad habits would have to be:

Failing to indicate
Sometimes we are not concentrating on the road as much as we should be whether talking to friends in the car or destructed on something in front of you we may forget to indicate which not only annoys the motorists behind us but also pedestrians who are waiting to cross the road but without your indicator they do not know what you are therefore they cannot cross.People who don’t indicate seem to think other motorists are physic and know exactly what you are doing and this simply isn’t the case.
Not indicating can be extremely dangerous especially when you are on a four land road and the inside lane driver along with an outside driver merge to the middle lane and both not indicating this is guaranteed to end in an accident or severe road rage.Here we look at the most common bad driving habits that drive other motorists crazy. It seems to be only getting worse with mobile phones on the scene now people cannot seem to fight the urge to use their phone while driving causing a significant amount of accidents.

These bad habits have made it into the top 10

  1. Failing to indicate
  2. Close tailgating
  3. Overtaking with dangerously
  4. Staying in the middle lane
  5. Skipping traffic lights
  6. Slow moving away from the lights
  7. Undertaking
  8. Sudden braking
  9. Hesitating when braking
  10. Using your mobile phone

Failing to indicate has simply been put down to being lazy and inconsiderate of other drivers. There may not be an actual offence for failing to indicate but if you do so then it could come under the offence of careless driving that comes with a loss of demerit points and a hefty fine.

Careless driving is using your vehicle in a public place with proper attention and using it in an inconsiderate way with no care for the people or places around you.Police can give on the spot fines for inconsiderate driving along with tailgating and with their unmarked police cars they can be anyway and certainly isn’t worth the risk.So many people don’t seem to understand that one quick inconsiderate move can cause an accident and worse kill someone. We need to take more car on the roads and understand we are not the only ones on the road.

Lose the mobile phone while driving, learn to indicate each and every time and have a little more patience and avoid tailgating, leave home a few minutes earlier to avoid the need to tailgate because you are running late for work. If everyone were more considerate there would be less fatalities and more people coming home to their families each day.