The Best Ways To Prevent Car Theft

From recent years, the number of reports regarding car theft have increased. Generally, thieves steal the car if it is parked in a lonely place, and there are obviously reports that cars have been stolen from crowded places too. That’s why you can’t really predict whether your car is safe at any particular place or not. It is always better to protect your car instead of regretting not putting a bigger effort in its safety afterward. Here are some tips for you to protect your car a bit better:


This is the most common and the easiest way to enhance your car’s safety. There are many different types of locks available for the car such as –

  • Tire Lock – As the name suggests, this lock is attached to the tires of the car. This lock will restrict the movement of the car. If you are going to leave your car at a place for a long time (due to many reasons) then this type of lock is really beneficial because with this thieves have to struggle a lot to steal your car and thus most probably they will drop the idea of stealing your car.
  • Steering Wheel Lock – Another type of lock is attached on the steering wheel. Without they key a person cannot operate the steering wheel. If thieves would like to break it then it will take a long time. Moreover, this is really affordable and yet pretty useful.

Alarms – Nowadays, most of the cars already have inbuilt alarm systems where if anyone would try to open the car forcefully or break the window then the siren will play. There is one another type of alarm system that you can implement in your cars which notifies you through text message when anyone would be trying to steal your car. Thus you can then immediately call the police.

Tracking System – This is a really useful thing these days. There will be a GPS tracker device that will be placed in your car and then you will be able to track your car all the time from anywhere on your phone. As it seems really helpful but at the same time, it is expensive as well because it has helped many people to retrieve their cars or vehicles.

Immobilizers – It is a very unique idea to protect your car. With this, if anyone would try to steal/unlock your car with the wrong key then the car’s fuel supply will be blocked automatically, thus the thieves will not be able to start and steal your car. In many countries like Australia, this system has become mandatory.

VIN Etching – You can also etch your vehicle identification number on the mirrors or door of the car so that thieves cannot sell your car by changing the number plate. Moreover, it will also prevent the use of your car for illegal purposes by the thieves.

You can use the above methods to secure your car. Along with this, you need to also follow another safety measure like parking your car in a safe place, not leaving valuables in the car and always keep it locked.