Bizarre Driving Practices From Around The World

Here are some of the weirdest driving rules ever that have been placed in countries around the world:

Bizarre Driving Practices From Around The World


In Germany, there is a road known as Autobahn where vehicles are supposed to move very fast once they are on that road without stopping whatsoever. Halting at any point should be for no other reason apart from an emergency.

Headlights On Throughout

Whether it is during the day or the night at any road in Sweden, your headlights should be on. The reason for this practice is not yet revealed, especially the part where you are using your headlights in broad daylight. A hefty fine is there for those who do not abide by this bizarre rule.

No Eating Whatsoever

In Cyprus, eating while driving or even when the car is at parking is prohibited. Of course, while driving, eating can be a distraction but when the car is not moving, why shouldn’t one grab a snack?

Soaking Pedestrians

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to knowingly splash puddles of water to a passer-by. The law was passed by the UK government after many people complained of this bad behavior by the motorists and a fine of up to £5000 is posed to the law breakers.

Respect for History

Italy being one of the earliest countries has certainly got some history piled in it. This therefore makes some historical places to be out of bounds for cars. You better exercise your legs if you are on a vacation to Italy for sightseeing especially in Rome, Milan and Florence.

Wildlife Ignorance

In South Africa, animals in the road share equal rights with the motorists. You will therefore be risking a huge fine if you don’t give way to a pack of lions crossing the road. It doesn’t matter how long they will take, you will just have to give them their time.

Do Drink and Drive?

Many countries prohibit drinking and driving because of the dangers associated with it. However, in Costa Rica, you won’t be disturbed by any road officers when taking a bottle of beer while driving, provided that you look sober at the wheel.

No Monkey Passengers

In America, there are very many driving rules with some states being harsh on the law breakers. In Massachusetts, there is a law that prohibits one from driving with a gorilla in the back. You might be in for it if found with such a dangerous animal in your car.

Bizarre Driving Practices From Around The World

Total Silence

Gas stations in Spain have prohibited background music in your car. This means that you have to switch off your radio, podcast or CD before traversing through any gas station. £91 are charged for those who forget to switch off their car radios in the filling stations.

2 Bells for the Sleigh

In Canada, you need to have a minimum of two bells on your sleigh in order to be permitted to hit the road. If you don’t have the two bells then am afraid you would have to use an alternative means of transport.