Brilliant Car Cleaning Hacks For Your Car

Paint is one of the most outstanding features in a vehicle. In perfect condition, it leaves the car shining and consequently beautiful and attractive. However, if the painting is opaque, brittle and rusty, can seriously damage the body and generate losses, including those when it comes to selling.
Washing the car is a fairly simple activity, but if you do not follow some basic procedures, it can have the inverse effect of the desired one after a few hours. But do not worry, let’s give you some tips on how to make your car shine like new.

How to begin?
Never, in any case wash your car on the sun, the sun’s rays will dry the water on the car’s body before you even remove it, which can cause stains on the paint. Make sure your vehicle is in a shaded location with enough space to perform the full wash. It is important to have a cleaning routine, ideally to wash the car every week, or every 10 days.
Begin cleaning by the wheels of your vehicle because in them, the most harmful dirt is concentrated. If you leave the wheels last, you can spill waste on the bodywork, which you had previously cleaned.
Always use the correct products, forget the detergents, powder soap, sponge dishwasher… these products are not suitable for car cleaning. Be careful also, with abrasive products, or with petroleum based solvents, they can damage the paint. When cleaning, it is best to use only automotive items unique to this function. There are a number of them available in the market today.
If you want your car really shining, invest in automotive waxes. They are good allies to make the vehicle paint in perfect condition. The quality ones helping against the UVA rays and form a protective film in the body. The application can be done every three months and, once again, with the car in the shade.

However, cleaning routine and automotive wax are not always enough to make your vehicle paint in perfect condition. In some cases, just the “aesthetic” procedures like polishing, mirroring and crystallization solve the problem.
Leaving the vehicle exposed to the sun and heat for long periods of time is highly damaging to its body. The UV rays take away all the gloss of the paint, leaving the paint dull and lifeless. Always try to park covered and cool places.

Attention to fueling and parking
It is pretty essential to be aware when it comes to fueling and stopping under or very close to trees. Splashing of fuel and falling branches, flowers, or fruit can result in burns or damage to the paint. And there’s more: if any bird gets your car dirty, you need to clean it as fast as possible to avoid staining.
Pay attention with painting is much more than aesthetic concern. This attitude only shows how careful and responsible you are with your vehicle, which values it, the most.