Car Accident – What to Do Immediately After a Vehicular Mishap?

Vehicle accidents are never quite pleasant things to get involved in. Whether the accident occurs due to flawed driving, a sudden health problem or a malfunctioning vehicle or the fault of the other party, the manner in which you handle an auto accident is very important – possibly more than you may think. Find out about the things you need to do following an accident to ensure your legal and financial safety.

Look Around
In some instances, you might find that exiting your vehicle is not safe. Often, this can be a concern in case you get involved in an incident on a traffic-heavy city street or highway. Make an effort to check everything around and ensure that you slowly get out of the car. If the accident is just a small incident, you can pull to the street’s side and obtain a clearer view of what happened actually without cars whishing inches away from your face.

Assess Damages Immediately
Once you have ensured your own safety after the mishap, you need to gauge the extent of the damage. Assess yourself and other people who might have been caught up in the incident. If you can find any injuries, it is essential that you call up emergency medical services. In case there is nobody hurt, you will have to begin the assessment of damages to your own or that of others’ vehicles. Do not speak frankly about the accident with any other driver. It might cause issues for you, particularly if you admit your own fault or blame some other driver for the mishap.

Wait for cops to arrive
In case of small fender-benders where no more damages than scratches are visible, you will not need any police intervention. But it is still wise to keep waiting for help. In case vehicles are damaged or the accident involves more than 2 vehicles, it is better that cops arrive on the scene. In the event of an even more severe accident, it is vital to do so, Law enforcement authorities can also help straighten out insurance details and you do not have to cope with irate, frazzled or upset drivers.

Document the damages
These days, when smartphones are ubiquitous, you can document damages of your and others’ vehicles easily with your high quality phone camera. You will also desire to pay attention to license plates of people involved in the mishap, if possible, and also snap their pictures. This will let you get a thorough record of everything that occurred and will probably also help trace the cause of the accident. Most photos on phones are actually archived to the specific minutes on which they are taken. Neighborhood signage and skid marks on the street can also prove to be useful for you.

Visit a doctor
When you suffer from injuries due to auto accidents, a visit to a physician is obviously among the most important things to do. If you wait for more time, it will be tougher for you to prove later on that your injuries due to the accident and get financial compensation for the same.