Car Hacks Every Mother Needs

Planning for a road trip or just looking to make your car cool, then here are the best car hacks. These will sure make your day. Whether you are traveling alone or with kids, these car hacks will help you to avoid stress during the road trip. Here are the best car hacks every mum needs:

Always keep the essential car documents
Use an index card holder to keep your car documents. Essential car documents include registration card, insurance card, licence etc. It will help you in crossing any check post meant for your safety.

First Aid Kit
Always keep a first aid kit before going on a trip. A first aid kit must contain all the necessary medical supplies to injuries. If you are out from the town then these supplies will get you a small relief from pain.

Snack Basket
If you are out on a trip then keep a snack basket with you as you cannot predict the correct timing of your reaching the destination. Moreover, the kids get hungry early so it will just compliment their stomach.

Cereal Box Trash Can
You can easily transform a cereal box into a trash can for your car. You can also use a grocery bag as a trash can. Instead of putting the trash in cupholder use the trash can of your car.

Air Fresheners
Instead of buying an expensive air freshener, you can make it easily at home. Apply a few drops of your favourite essential oils to a clothespin, then clip the clothespin to the air vents to make your car smell nice.

Cupcake Cupholders
Use silicone cupcake liners to cover cupholders. If you spill something on it then I would be easier to clean the cupholders by replacing the cupcake liners.

Car Caddy
You can use a shower caddy to hold fast food when you are on a road trip. You can also use it to keep things like tissues, books, sunglasses and small toys which may keep your kid occupied in the back seat.

Plastic Bag holder
You must keep a plastic bag holder before going on road. The plastic bag holder will help you in keeping trash, muddy cleats or wet clothes.

Sticky Note Time Tabs
When you are on a long car trip then prepare sticky note time tabs. This will help your children to keep a track on themselves by knowing when they will arrive at the destination.

Emergency Car Kit
Always keep a spare pair of clothes, a blanket, water and other necessary seasonal commodities in your car.

Carabiner Corral
You can use a climbing carabiner as hooks to keep bags and utilise the space better rather than spilling things.

Microfiber Cloth Cleaning
You might not be able to clean the car regularly due to a busy schedule. So, keep a cloth in your car to wipe the dashboard wherever or whenever you find it suitable to make your car dust free.
Every mum can use these car hacks to make their car look cool and charming.