Car Industry Trends That Will Surprise You

With the pass of each year, a lot of important technological advancements are being observed in the automotive industry. From the use of cars with inbuilt cassette players to the ones that make use inbuilt mp4 or mp3 players, the growth of the industry has been huge. The old fashioned cars that were installed with fundamental attributes are now being changed into cars with advanced attributes such as Wi-Fi, GPS location, cloud computing and many others. These technological advancements will help promote the user’s experience and make an economic impact on the distribution chain.

Independent driving
The concept of self driving cars has existed as far back as the 1925 with the use of the first autonomous car in New York then. In recent years this feature has mutated to give high precision requiring to run on Wi-Fi and 4G connections thereby, taking car riding to a whole new stage. But with the 5G connectivity about to be released, the independent driving would be greatly boosted.

Car and driver health monitor
Cars embedded with health monitors are currently being developed which can monitor and display the tiredness, heart rate, sleep deprivation and among other factors of the driver. It is effectively monitored through the use of sensors, seat belts, and equipped steering wheels. Not only do they monitor the health status of the drivers, they also help to monitor the status of the car such as the condition of the exterior mirrors, paint retention, doors and many others.

With the possible discovery of batteries that can last forever, cars could inculcate these batteries into their engines and help to great reduce the automotive emissions. If a great number of cars could have this feature with little or no number of them operating on diesel and petrol, the automotive industry would be able to meet up with the fuel economy and emissions policies in a few years time. Despite its potential advantages, more powerful batteries and features would overtake them in the future.

Truck Platooning
Here a truck-to-truck communication is established when two or trucks drive very close behind the platoon leader that has the master controls at a high velocity with the next truck automatically following the leader truck. Platooning is a great stage to independent cargo transport on roads helping to transform the trucking industry and it would seem to replace other ones such as trains by the year 2020. Although still under surveillance, the platooning has efficiently passed other tests such as the intruder and emergency brake tests.

Vehicle-to-vehicle and its environments technology
It offers smart traffic systems, collision prevention, parking management system and among other applications to the vehicle. The features it provides to the vehicle such as the ability to receive warnings on real time traffics, notifications on the weather, fuel level, car condition and what not others are interlinked with each other. The vehicle-to-vehicle technology enables the use of electric vehicles because of their use of peak load management as storage devices.