Cars to Look Out for in 2019

There is never a year when there are no new cars being developed, and that is why each year, car companies continuously release a different variant of a certain model. This is normally the case for mainstream car companies.

2019 is just like any other year – cars are going to be released and these are the ones that we need to look forward to.

• Audi A4

Audi is looking to upgrade the look of the A4 to remain competitive against the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class.

The company plans to overhaul the entire look and is also planning to install the latest from its flagship A8 car model. This means all the dials that are currently in the vehicle will be replaced with touchscreen indicators.

Its biggest sell will be its comfort which makes it a fitting ride for long distance cruises.

• Audi e-Tron

This is Audi’s offering to go opposite the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X. This one is capable of reaching speeds up to 124 mph, while going from 0-62 in under six seconds.

It also boasts being able to recharge back to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes.

• Bentley Flying Spur

The new Flying Spur will be in showrooms at the end of the year and will be mostly adapting features from the Continental GT model’s features. This includes headlights, tail-lights, the anti-roll bars for its suspension, and the MSB platform which will hopefully allow a 48-volt electrification.

What will separate the Flying Spur from the GT, however, is the refined movement that the Spur will be having.

Cars to Look Out for in 2019

• BMW 1 Series

The reimagination of the model will mainly come from the shift of the wheel drive. Previously, it was fit in the rear. The 2019 model will be fitted in the front giving more cabin space in the back. In addition, it will feature a four-cylinder turbo and an xDrive four-wheel drive. With these features added, it will now be in direct opposition to the Volkswagen Golf GR and Ford Focus RS.

• BMW 3 Series

The seventh iteration of the model will feature the company’s CLAR platform. This will allow technologically advanced powertrains to be fitted along with a more efficient plug-in hybrid. Moreover, buyers will have the option to choose between a single petrol or a double petrol cylinder.

These added features to the 2019 model will make this variant the most technologically advanced version to date of the 3 Series.

Cars to Look Out for in 2019

• Citroen C5 Aircross

The company’s flagship SUV will be featuring its first ever plug-in option. Additionally, it will have an eight-inch touchscreen which have a pre-installed TomTom navigation system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a reversing camera, a dashcam, and a wireless smartphone charger, all geared towards the convenience of the people inside.

There are more cars to look out for in 2019, but one thing they have in common is how each company is trying to outdo each other when it comes to the accessories and the technology put into each variant. Whether this will attract customer, we will never know. Guess, we will have to wait and see.