How to Choose the Best Car Mechanic for Your Needs

Despite the best care and regular maintenance, vehicles can develop issues that might require the services of a mechanic. It is important that you seek referrals and tips from your community and advice from your family members and friends to understand which mechanic to choose. You can use these tips to pick the best mechanic.

Look at the mechanic’s expertise
Ensure that the mechanic is knowledgeable enough about the various components of cars. Experienced mechanics can spot different automotive issues, and make prompt responses to your queries to fix the problems. They can deal with issues in various kinds of cars that you have, whether it comes to family sedan, luxury cars, pick-up trucks, sports cars, SUV etc. Look for a mechanic who is certified in various auto repair training programs and classes. Mechanics having the qualifications and professional training can repair automobiles as per manufacturer specifications.

Check whether the technician is ASE certified
Make sure that the automotive technician is ASE certified. Technicians require a minimum of two years of professional expertise and should pass tests in topics such as Brakes, Manual Drive Train and Axles, Heating and Air Conditioning, Engine Repair, Electronic / Electrical Systems, Suspension and Steering, Engine Performance, Automatic Transmissions etc. There are various other exams for technicians who want to become collision repair technicians, engine machinists, parts specialists etc.

Check with the Better Business Bureau
Make a research with the website of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and find out whether there are any complaints registered against the auto repair mechanic. Look at the BBB reviews, complaints and accreditations, and find out whether the disputes have resolved. Determine whether the mechanic has resolved issues despite complaints. Check whether the mechanic has won positive reviews in Better Business Bureau and other major customer review agencies.

Look at the reviews
If you are looking for a repair mechanic shop, it can be good to go through reviews and check whether the mechanic has managed to win customer satisfaction. Find out whether the mechanic shop has won various recognitions and awards for its services, such as industry awards, customer support awards or high ratings in top auto magazines etc. Online reviews can help you to know what the customers’ experience about the shop has been. Based on their experiences, you can determine whether or not you can get the best kind of assistance from the shop.

Check the proximity
It can be a good idea to pick an automobile mechanic shop located near your home. You cannot predict when your car might develop snags. When these arise, you will not like to pay for long-distance towing expenses or drive your car over long distances. If you get a reliable car repair company and have recently changed your location, find out whether it has a satellite shop located near your changed address. If you are unable to get an auto repair shop near your home, look for any company located near your dealer’s shop. When your vehicle is in a bad state, you will need quick response and emergency professional assistance.