Most Common Car Repairs That You Will Definitely Need

Regardless of how careful you are with you car, new or otherwise, there are repairs that you will most definitely need to do on your car. These are pretty obvious and have to be done every once in a while to ensure your driving experience is as hassle free as possible. These repairs according to repair shops and car owners include:

Battery replacement

Car batteries are super sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. Extreme temperatures can cause the battery case to be bloated and decrease its life. Shorter trips also mean that your battery may not be getting enough time to fully recharge which might cause it to malfunction. Low levels of the battery fluid; below the lead plates, can also shorten battery life. Corrosion and sulfation are also possible causes for replacement.

Engine tune up

An engine tune up procedure involves inspection of the engine’s fuel system and making sure the filter isn’t clogged, the fuel injectors are clear of any deposits and the fuel pump isn’t damaged. Spark plugs are also checked for wear, tear and overall performance. Checking oil and coolant levels is also part of this process. As a result of constant use, the engine is susceptible to wear and tear due to its many moving parts and so you will need it checked out every once in a while.

Oil change

Oil is used to lubricate and cool engine parts and improve gas mileage. However with the passage of time, dust and dirt can accumulate in the engine causing corrosion. Oil can also break down and form sludge which hampers the functioning of the engine. Changing the oil keeps the engine working at 100%.

Air filter replacement

To keep the engine dust and dirt free, the car has air filters. These filters can have deposits of dust and dirt in them interfering with the engine functions. To avoid this, these need to be cleaned or replaced as required to keep a free circulation of air which will leave the car at its best performance.

Wheel alignment and change

In order to reduce wear and tear of tires, it is important to adjust the angles of the wheels in accordance with the car manufacture’s requirements. Doing this also ensures that the car travels straight without leaning to one direction hence ensuring its stability. Wheel change is also an unavoidable part of owning a car. It can be occasioned by wear and tear or punctures.

Brake work

As a result of friction, brake pads become worn out over time. This is signified by metallic grinding sounds from the disc and calliper rubbing together. Brakes can also become unresponsive which can be caused by air or fluid leaks. Another situation requiring break work is a vibration on the brake pedal that is often caused by warped rotors. Break work is meant to get the breaks in working order again.

Wiper blades replacement

Wiper blades need to be replaced at least every 6 months or a soon as you notice a difference in visibility. The blades start to squeak, skip or smear when they are not making proper contact with the windshield reducing visibility.

Antifreeze added

Antifreeze is glycol-based concentrated liquid that is mixed with water and used to fill up the car’s cooling system. This usually prevents the engine’s coolant from freezing in extremely cold weather and improves the heat transfer from the hot engine to the coolant. In addition, it reduces corrosion and scale build up.

Maintaining a regular servicing schedule for your car will help you keep it in tip top shape as most of these repairs are easily spotted and done during servicing. Waiting until there is an actual problem to go for servicing will only lead to lots of unplanned spending that in the long run can become burdensome.