Cool Car Technologies That Revolutionize Driving

The tech world is bustling and there is a huge buzz around the cars featuring cool gadgets. This is a huge shift in the transportation world. There are many car makers in 2018 that create breakthrough technologies revolutionizing the driving style and some of the best are here:

A 2018 Lexus model
Alexa will guide you home
The infotainment system of your car is controlled via voice in some way. Now manufacturers are turning to Google (Android Auto), Apple (CarPlay), and now it is Amazon offering seamless solutions. The latest manufacturer is Toyota to introduce Alexa. Lexus and Select Toyota rides will receive this tech in 2018 and more will be available in 2019. This cloud-based voice control allows speaking to passengers to control the infotainment systems of the car. This includes selecting songs, changing the navigation destinations, and controlling from far the smart home devices.

Cars to read your mind
This technology will not be seen soon in showrooms, but Nissan is developing brain to vehicle B2V communication. This system will take input from a device that is a headband detecting the activity of the brain wave and can prep the car you wish to take for an action, such as wheel turning faster. Nissan says it detects discomfort in the driving mode; it adjusts the driving style while driving, and adjusts the suspension of the car. It is far-fetched and an interesting concept, offering autonomous driving a hedge, thereby preparing the systems for the future so that it pilots the preferences exactly.

Waze will fight traffic
If you hate traffic, you will find this news pleasing that the Ford vehicles are featuring the SYNC 3 impressive infotainment system that can use the car now to display the navigation and mapping of Waze, in association with voice cues as sound system. It means you need not look for the smaller screen in the phone to get around.

Samsung Digital Cockpit
Digital cockpits will be sleeker
The increasing technology will not be missed by the Korean company. They showcase the digital shared cockpit platform. Like other current systems it pairs tactile controls, a large touchscreen, and also displays apps on its Android OS. It is said that the future cockpit will be more personalized and customizable.

Car will see the unseen
Ford and Qualcomm, the telecom chip maker announced their partnership continuation in the cellular development technology C2VX. This technology C2VX will be your cars X-ray vision. It will use a car chip to communicate on the road with other cars and also get data such as road signs up and traffic lights, alerting you to problems such as stopped or accident car. There will be trails taking place in Detroit and San Diego.

You can talk to Mercedes
Mercedes Benz will roll A-class new compact car showing MBUX interface. It centers featuring a widescreen high-resolution display and you can interact on the pad or screen through touch, or with steering wheel buttons.