DIY 5 Simple Car Hacks To Help You Out

The word hack actually refers to slash or cut. However, now it is commonly used by people working in the IT sector as a shortcut to get work done. There are useful DIY hacks, may be useful for others when it comes to having a car:

Mint- flavored candy
The candy that is mint-flavored became famous for its fillings and it would be sticky on chewing that the fillings would get detached. This is useful for your car to prevent the fuel tank temporarily from leaking. Placing the mint flavored candies after chewing helps, it holds in place until you visit a mechanic.

Plunger for a dent
Did no go to your favourite concert, enjoy the show and the music, and came to find out that your car dented. The reason may be anything, whether it was because of the some drunken people or whether it was due to a car wash you did earlier the same day. Now, the evident part is the dent and it is not pleasing to look. Do not worry; there are simple fixes that can help without causing dent in your wallet. You may spray with liquid the area, grab plunger and push it and suction out the dent. Of course, you cannot get all the dents out, but it is worth trying.

Razor to wipe
This is a pretty tricky job and is not much a hazard. It also does not appear as some hack. The idea is to clean your car windshield using a razor blade. This is possible even that the wipers are unable to clean or handle. It is applicable to rural places that have the stores and stations away. In such places, it is best to use the razor and to remove from the windshield the bird poop. The bird poop solidifies soon and it is best removed. A bird poop does not affect your driving by any chance, but there are certain areas in your car that are inaccessible and also remote. Plus, the razor may be used to remove stickers from anywhere.

Hangers/ Car hooks
There is a need for many things and the hacks are useful. They are space-saving and simple ideas. Placing on the front row seats a hanger, you can conveniently hang your bags filled with grocery. The days have gone of cracked eggs and crushed breads. Instead hang it using the car hooks or hangers.

Get assistance with an app
Do you forget the parking place of your car and get confused. Do not worry; there is an app for it, iParkedHere app. This is a common problem; many people tend to forget often as you. In case you are unable to recollect the parking place of your car, allow your phone do handle the part of remembering. Use the app iParkedHere, this is a wonderful app allowing to input the place you car is as outdoor or indoor parking and also makes use of GPS, notes and image capture, if essential.

Make use of these simple hacks and avoid big expenses.