DVSA Cracking Down on Fake MoT Testers; 178 Struck Off

There have been reports saying that the DVSA struck off around 178 MoT testers previously authorized by the agency. That is around 82 per cent testers banned in the financial year of 2017/2018 compared to the financial year of 2015/2016 where only 98 testers were struck off by the Driver and Vehicle Safety Agency.

Around 41 per cent of the authorized examiners who oversee testing stations had their status stripped off by the DVSA. Reports say that the banning was mainly because of issuing fraudulent certificates along with improper or careless testing which is in line with what the experts are saying about dodgy testers issuing fake MoTs to cars which have been listed as vehicles that needs to be scrapped off.

DVSA Cracking Down on Fake MoT Testers; 178 Struck Off

As we stand, the United Kingdom has a total of 23,000 MoT test stations. Knowing that now makes the number that was struck off insignificant. However, considering how many cars are not running the British street, every tester is a valuable resource.

However, the rising number of inspectors being struck off is worrying AA president Edmund King.

He also mentioned that these tests are essential, not only for the safety of the vehicles but also for the safety of the public.

It was highlighted by the DVSA that there was one corrupt tester who was reported to have given out 310 fake MoTs in a span of 18 months. If that was the case with one tester, imagine having at least 178 of them doing the same act. The number of illegitimate MoTs in circulating right now could reach tens of thousands.

King also mentioned that these testers do it as a favor to a friend. Although, he added, that inspectors have been doing a great job in meticulously testing cars.
He also raised that the real concern now is how many scrapped off cars are now circulating in the second-hand market due to this scandal.

Jim Punter, editor of the MoT Testing magazine, explains that the number of illegal testers that the DVSA has struck off is not a determinant of the quality of testing that the public is receiving. Instead, this is an indication of how much time and money the agency is using to root out these individuals.

This is in light of DVSA saying that the number of sanctions is reflective of the kind of testing quality that the British public is getting.

DVSA Cracking Down on Fake MoT Testers; 178 Struck Off

Neil Barlow claims that that their efforts are a combination of intelligence and enforcement and hopefully, these are enough to track down testers who are putting the daily life of the public at risk.


The case mentioned above was that of David Matthew Barrington who received a 16-month sentence and will be suspended for two years. The 310 pass certificates that he issued, the court deemed 50 of them fake, and the rest is still being taken into consideration.

The court did mention that they will contact the owners of the vehicles under consideration all the while going through each one if they paid any amount to get the fake ones from Barrington.