Essential Facts About Your Car That You Need To Know About

There are a few simple things which every car owner should know. These are essential to ensure you keep the good condition of your car. So here is a helpful list for you:

1.Monitor the power-steering fluid:
You should do this every month with the car warmed up. In case the level is low, check the hoses and pump for leaks. This lower fluid level will also harm the power steering pump. Use the power steering fluid that is recommended for your car.

2. So not mix different colored coolants:
This is essential as it will result in a thicker solution which won’t accomplish its purpose. So you should use the coolant which is recommended in the owner’s manual.

3.Flushing the coolant and some more tips:
This is needed every 2 years or every 5 years when the new coolant is used. They gradually antifreeze naturally, thus becoming deteriorated and contaminated, so flushing it saves the radiator from getting damaged, clogging the heater core and causing the thermostat and water pump to fail.
You should never pour undiluted coolant into your cooling system because the cooling system requires both coolant antifreeze and water. The dilution is done in 50-50 ratio. The coolant ensures protection against corrosion and freezing and water ensures that the heat is transferred from the coolant to the radiator.

4.Sealing a leaky radiator with a radiator sealer:
The radiator sealer is in powder or liquid form and circulates in the radiator till it reaches the hole and fills it up on coming in contact with air. Sealing a leaky radiator prevents high expenses in the future.

5.Checking wheel alignment:
This has to be done after every 48000 km or as per the owner’s manual.When new tires are bought and when rack-and-pinion steering unit or other steering parts are replaced,the alignment should be checked otherwise the poor handling will occur and the life of tires will be reduced.You can know if it is the alignment problem if the car pulls to one side.

6.Using AC in winter:
This keeps the AC fit for use during the warmer seasons , by preventing the moving parts in the compressor from seizing.

7.Checking for uneven wear:
If uneven wear occurs, then wheel alignment may be needed.This also implies some habits such as improper operation of brakes, shocks, bend in the wheel , internal damage in the tire or worn bushings.

8.Impact of temperatures on tire inflation:
The tire loses pressure when the outside temperature rises or falls. More air is lost in hot weather, which causes poor performance.So it is necessary to check the air pressure often.

9. Changing oil frequently:
This flushes out the abrasive dust and metal particles from the engine, which enhances its lifetime.This is especially applicable of you drive in stop and go traffic on a regular basis.

10.Taking care of the anti-lock brakes:
Moisture can damage he ABS pump and cause the brake lines to rot from inside.This is because the anti lock brake system is sensitive to moisture and the brake fluid attracts moisture .So it is necessary to purge it every 3 years or as per owner’s manual.