Great Hacks To Clean Your Car Interior

While the exterior of cars are washed regularly, the interior is usually neglected unless it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. However, car owners tend to forget that washing the interior has more importance than washing the exteriors. While washing the exterior can make your car look beautiful, an unwashed interior means you will be exposed to germs, dust etc accumulated inside which can make you quite sick. Here are some wonderful hacks to clean the interior of cars with everyday items to be found around the home.

Cupcake Mould and Coconut Oil
You may apply some amount of coconut oil on the cup holders and dashboard of your vehicle. It can prevent settlement of dust again, and also help improve the shine. Within each holder, you may keep a cupcake mold of silicone to keep cup holders from being dirtied again. Thus, whenever these get dirty, you only need to rinse out these.

Cooking Spray
Go to your kitchen and get some cooking spray. Just spray it on the rubber seals on the inner side of your vehicle doors. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to keep the doors from sticking or shutting when the outdoor is freezing cold and icy.

Recycled Bags
Put these over your seat headrests, so that there is additional space for storage that can be used to stock grocery items, accessories and many other things.

Vinegar and water
Mix 3 parts vinegar with 1 part water to prevent ice accumulation on your vehicle windows. You need to keep the mix in a mid-sized spray bottle and use it for spraying on the insides of the windows of your parked car at night. Wake up the following morning, and you will find that there is no ice on your car windows. The situation will be quite different when it comes to the vehicles of your neighbors.

Coffee Creamer Containers
You can easily fit old coffee creamer containers in the cup holders of your car backseat. These let you give a few snacks at a time, and can be a perfect choice for handing out sacks snacks. The backseat of your vehicle will always remain clean and kids seated in your car can reach them conveniently.

Lint Rollers
It is essential to keep lint rollers inside your vehicle as you can use them effectively for a fast rollover in your car backseat before going for grocery shopping to remove the hair of your pet dog. You may also keep these to have your suit jacket brushed for a final time before you step out of your car and visit your office.

Large Cereal Containers
Keep a large-sized cereal container. Also place a recycled bag inside. When you close it, you can keep everything safe within even in case it topples over. There is also the advantage that you can wash the recycled bag within the container if it becomes dirty.
With such simple hacks you can avoid the frequency of going to a local auto cleaning shop to clean up your car interior.