Hacks To Make Your Uber and Lyft Experiences Easier

For all the riders who use Uber or Lyft and thing that the process is easy, you may not know something. Experienced riders know a few hacks that you can use, to make sure that you can get a much better and cheaper ride.
A few people shared their secrets and we are going to share them with you.

Hacks To Make Your Uber and Lyft Experiences Easier

1. Book Rides On Google Maps Rather Than The Apps

When entering a location onto Google Maps, you tap directions and it will give you a comparison of both Uber and Lyft and how long you will have to wait for each. It helps when you want to pick which one to use.

2. Choose A Favorable Pickup Location

At an airport for example, you may not have much choice about where you get picked up and in most locations, you just walk to somewhere where it is easy for the both of you. Find a place where you can actually see the address and enter it accurately to make it easy for them to see you. It is great when in crowded places. All you need to do is move like a block away and then you will only need to wait a very short time to get what you want. You will also avoid surge pricing. When meeting the driver, make sure you are getting into the right car by checking the license plates and if the driver does not say your name, do not get into the car.

3. Be Kind and Polite

Just like when you have to rate the driver, the drivers also get a chance to rate a rider and this will work both ways. Be humble and kind. It is not uncommon these days to find someone having a hard time getting an Uber or Lyft because of his or her low ratings. The drivers can see it and will avoid you if you are a bad rider. Do not make the driver wait too long for you, do not say anything that is insulting or rude. Just take your ride and be cool about it.

Hacks To Make Your Uber and Lyft Experiences Easier

4. Give Cash Tips

Drivers have said that most of the customers who use these services do not tip and that is a shame when you look at how much the drivers make. The fares have gone down because of company policy while the gas prices have gone up. Many drivers are trying hard to make ends meet. You should always tip the driver. Cash is better because they get it right away. Even more important than being helpful is the fact that they rate you before they find out that you have tipped them on the app. A cash tip will give you the added advantage of a likely five star rating and that makes it easy to get future rides.
These are just bit a few, how many more tips do you know? Use them, they will make it easier always.