The Height of Luxury ,The New Phantom Rolls Royce

The new Phantom Rolls Royce will make you more relaxed when you got out compared to when you get in. Imagine yourself sinking into extra soft pillows which are actually just car chairs. There are no horns, no traffic noises, no unrest and no chaos. That is what the new Rolls Royce can give you.
The car promises isolation, serenity and pure entertainment to the driver who is behind the wheels. The car is made of aluminum. It is stronger and lighter than its predecessors. The car’s build composes of noise insulating materials that remove all the uncivilized noise from the road.

Features of the Rolls Royce Phantom
The engine is made of Biturbocharged 6.75L V12. The output is 563 hp/664 lb-ft. Transmission is at 8-speed automatic. The acceleration from 0 – 60 mph takes 5.1 seconds. The top driving speed is 155mph. The seating capacity is at 5,644 pounds. The drive type is rear-wheel. This is all in one car. Rolls Royce is the ultimate form of opulence and it has always delivered exceptional performance constantly.

The Look
The Rolls Royce Phantom has pride for its unique styles and elements. The whole look is gentlemanly but imposing. The car has a long hood with flowing body sides. The rear ends taper towards the middle part and the car has elegance wherever you look at it. The huge opening of the Rolls Royce Phantom enables the huge logo to be visible at the front. Two-color schemes are available. In fact, the paint color scheme is only limited by a person’s checking account. All of the materials, veneers, colors, and embroidery are tailored to the owner’s specifications. You can go with porcelain roses, an artist’s interpretation of your DNA, a painting made by famous painters, tufted rows of silk, hen feathers, and even diamonds. This is all just the beginning.

A Privacy Compartment

The luxury limousine offers a new privacy suite that is not part of the front seats. With the help of a button, the glass turns opaque, and the curtains are drawn. This prevents drivers and onlookers looking into your private business. It’s also given that the suite blocks off all kinds of sound from the outside making your car perfect for hush talks and private meetings. Another button allows the passenger to speak to the driver instantly. The driver can send a message to the passengers at the rear if he wishes to communicate with them. The passengers have the option to accept or reject the call. The theatre systems, the 12-inch monitors, and the infotainment system is just the icing on the whole cake that is the Phantom.
The price starts at $450,000 and for true lovers of the Rolls Royce, the price never mattered. With the softest pillow in the world, refreshing drinks, and high tech entertainment in a serene luxury car, no one should be happier than you. If you are able to get your hands on the Phantom Rolls Royce, you are one of the luckiest car owners in the world.