Improve The Performance Of Your Car With Cost Effective Performance Upgrades

Car enthusiasts are always excited to improve their car performance, especially after owning it for a long time. You could do so many amazing things to improve your car and all of this is the result of the expanding online market of parts and articles on how to do things.

What actually determines what you can do are some of the qualities of your car like the size, type of gasoline of diesel and some other characteristics.

Before doing any performance upgrades you  should always first check with a mechanic, make sure that the car is properly serviced, that everything is safe and without any breaks or anything similar that could affect your safety.

So, after you have done all of those things, here is a list of things you can do to improve your car drastically but at a lower cost.

  • Exhaust System Modification

This will definitely give you a great exhaust note when your car is accelerating and it will also improve your car’s power. The exhaust tends to get clogged up after a while so the performance of your car slowly worsens. Since this is so, installing a great new exhaust system will improve your older car a lot.  The older your car, the bigger the difference will be.

The wider the exhaust, the better your car performance will be.

Depending on your budget, there are some options for you:

– Exhaust headers are the most expensive method for die hard enthusiasts – this is the connection between the engine and the exhaust.

– Performance Exhaust is a best way to improve your car exhaust with spending a lot less money.

– Straight Pipe is a popular method including cutting off parts of the original systems and replacing that system with a steel pipe.

  • Remap or Tuning Chip.

This is the most popular way to increase the power of the car – either the remapping or installing of the tuning chip.

A remap means that you will alter the values of your car in favor of performance via an ECU and a diagnostic socket. What you can modify about your car are air to fuel ratios, boost pressure etc – this is just a difference in software and no other parts are recquired for this process.

Some of the most obvious advantages are that it is a pretty cheap upgrade, not needing  any parts additionally and your performance getting much better for the cost. You can also customize it completely to  your own desire, there are no limits to what you can do. The fuel economy can be improved too and efficiency.

Disadvantages of remapping your car are that there is much more wear and tear on some of the conventional components, you’ll have problems with warranties and insurance if something happens since you alter the software.

If you want to install a tuning chip in your car this involves connecting of the chip and the common rail sensor. Advantages of installing a tuning box are that you can easily install it, you can remove it and use it on another car, it’s cheap for the performance it gives, it has an improved efficiency and fuel economy and it’s often insurance and warranty improved chips. Disadvantages are that not every chip is the same, this pumps more fuel to your engine, it gives more wear and tear to your components, it’s easily broken, and fuel lines can easily break.